PregnylThe last two weeks have been a little more difficult that I had anticipated.  I thought that four weeks isn’t a long time and that I should be able to maintain the patience to wait for the results of the next testosterone blood test.  Think again!

Essentially our plan of action (POA) is for DH to take Pregnyl injections (LH) for four weeks in order to assess whether they stimulate his testes to start producing testosterone of their own.  If after four weeks he has sufficient testosterone, we move on to Menopur Injections (FSH), which with any luck will start sperm production.  If after four weeks there isn’t sufficient testosterone production it means the Menopur is very unlikely to stimulate sperm production.  But what is sufficient testosterone – does it have to be in the normal range or is even a little enough to hope with?  This all seems to be lack in exact science for me.  I want concrete answers with stats that say we have an xxx% of success.

If the testosterone levels (let’s call it T) are up we have to give the Menopur a minimum of three months to start producing sperm, but we have been advised not to give up on the Menopur until he’s been on it at least a year.  Now that’s a long wait!  Obviously we start doing sperm analysis (SA) after three or four months and if we get even a little I’m pretty certain we will get straight onto IVF with ICSI, while he stays on the injections to hopefully get nice high and healthy sperm count that we can freeze for baby no 2.

So two weeks ago we did the ‘baseline’ T test.  But DH and I were concerned that the baseline was only taken three weeks after his last T injection and that maybe we could expect more of a drop in his T levels before the injections kicked in and caused a rise again.  So we have decided to do a mid ‘cycle’ T test.  In other words a second ‘baseline’.  What we want is to see if there has been a drop in his T levels then at least we have a lower baseline to work from in order to establish whether there is any increase in another two weeks.

Now in theory we were told that the injections should start working within two weeks.  So in theory we should have no drop in levels from this test if the injections are working.  But we want to be 100% sure and so will give them the full four weeks to make the difference.  I can see us giving them six weeks if the results aren’t conclusive.  It’s just too important to rush and make hasty decisions over.

Sorry this post is awfully technical and detailed and full of acronyms, but it helps to remind me where we are in this process and where we need to get to and to try to remain patient.

So the pamphlet which comes with the Pregnyl injection makes it sound like all my concerns and worries are ill-founded.  The pamphlet says:

In men Pregnyl, on its own or together with an FSH-containing product can be used when there is too little development of the sexual glands or when there are problems with the formation of sperm.

So that’s that it will work!  I mean this is what the stuff is made to do and it must work or they wouldn’t put it on the pamphlet.

…or will it.

When hubby went on the testosterone injections earlier this year we really noticed an almost immediate change in him.  Increased energy levels, elevated moods and a definite increase in his libido!  (Just an aside – it is great being married to a man with the hormones of a teenager, he suddenly finds me way sexier than I really am, but that has helped to make me feel so much sexier.  The T injections have been great for our sex life and also to increase our closeness and intimacy)

So now we are at five weeks since his last T injection and he has now had half the Pregnyl injections and he is listless, tired and definitely not up for ‘it’ every five minutes anymore.  The other day he mentioned to me that he is finding it difficult to wake up in the mornings and drag himself out of bed.  I just started crying, these are signs of low T.  If the Pregnyl injections were working he shouldn’t be feeling this way.  Am I just too impatient for clear signs that things are working?

Anyway tomorrow is test day and we will either see an increase in his T levels (unlikely and I’m not even hoping for it – okay just a little) or we will have a new baseline to work from for the next test on the 28th September.


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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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