A New Perspective

Our FS is the worst communicator I have had the misfortune of dealing with in many years if not in my entire life!

I knew four weeks ago that I was going to have to come back and have a rant about him sometime.  So here it is!

First I phoned on Monday to get my blood results and had a VERY confusing conversation with the nurse.  I should have figured something was amiss when she said, “the good news is that while your thyroid is on the high end of normal it is better than my last test which was above normal”.  So I said “oh have I had a thyroid test before”  “yes” she says but it’s good to repeat these things”.  I say, “No one ever told me I had problematic thyroid???”  She goes on to tell me all about my results and when I asked her what next she says we’ll just have to see how I respond to the Femara.  I say “but I’m not on Femara”  She says, “you were meant to start it on day 4”  I say, “But NO ONE told me to and why should I take it”  She says “it’s your fertility drug for the PCOS and it will make you ovulate”,   I say, “but what ‘s the point in that when my husband has no F$CKING sperm!”  Then the penny drops that actually there are two women with my surname at the clinic and she has been reading my blood results alongside the file of the other woman who is also waiting for blood results!!!!

So we laugh it off and start again!

Long story short, the nurse isn’t too clear, but seemed to be suggesting that Imight have PCOS and said she would get the doctor to call me about my results.

So the FS calls me back eventually on Tuesday afternoon with both my results and Hoplessly’s results.  He starts with Hopelessly’s results and says that the his testosterone has not increased significantly.  Actually the number had gone up slightly but he made sure I understood that the increase was within the margin of error and nothing to get excited about.  He says he thinks we are not going to see any improvement and doesn’t think a testicular biopsy is going to yield any sperm either.

Enter Dragon Lady (that’s me for those that don’t know me!).  I say “what do you mean you don’t think it’s going to work, you told us we needed to give it another three months, that was only a month ago, are you now saying we should stop the injections?”  He says “I never said that but I don’t think it’s going to work”.  So I say “so should we stop the injections?”, he says “no you must stay on for another three months”.  “What ANOTHER three months, as in to the end of January?  Or do you mean three months from last month as in to the end of December.  Or do you mean 3months in total?”   he says three months in total.  In other words only one more month of injections.

So we move on to my results.  By this stage I’m pissed and I have to admit that now I can’t remember exactly how the he said she said thing went, but in a nutshell, he suggested I have PCOS, but wouldn’t actually say I do have it.  My cholesterol is high, my insulin levels are high, suggesting insulin resistance, my FSH:LH Ratio is 2:1 not 1:1 as is ideal.  Basically he told me I have to go see a dietitian.  Fair enough.

But he confused me so over Hopelessly’s POA and the PCOS thing and eventually shouted at me saying he won’t tell us what to do and I must stop forcing him to.  I said but you’re our doctor and we pay you to give us advice and use your expertise to suggest what you think is best.  When I pushed him on whether I had PCOS his response was “All I can tell you is that women with results that look like yours don’t ovulate!”

So we have an appointment with another FS at the same clinic.  Our appointment is on 1 December, by which stage Hopelessly will have completed his three months of injections and we will have his next T results.  I will have seen the dietitian and have been doing whatever she tells me to for a month.  And hopefully we can come away from that appointment with a new perspective from an FS who is willing to give us a diagnosis an indication of prognosis and a plan of action to make us parents.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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6 Responses to A New Perspective

  1. teejay says:

    Holy cow…what an experience! What is wrong with some people? How are you supposed to know how to proceed unless the doctor (that supposedly went to school for this) instructs you on what to do? I would have been exhausted after that exchange. Good for you for seeing another FS…I hope you have better luck getting some answers.

  2. mertle says:

    I can relate to everything you have to say!!

    check this out:


  3. KK says:

    Wow. So he wants you to make pretty major medical decisions (without his guidance) regarding medical conditions you may or may not have (don’t know, since he won’t tell you)? Awesome. He’s a real winner.

  4. 21reena says:

    OMG- I can’t wait for you to see another doctor – what a horrible experience!!!! I’m sorry you had to go through that!

  5. Lesley says:

    Yup, new doctor time. This one has reached his sell-by date.

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