Reasons to be Cheerful…

Count them 1, 2, 3 (anyone else remember this dreadful song?!?).

I’m not going to go with the obvious reason you heard all about that yesterday already. I suddenly find myself with so many reasons to be cheerful this morning that I think it might be really hard to stick to just three and besides I don’t want to irritate anyone with my happiness, I know how annoying that can be.

I told you I attended a card class a few weeks ago and promised that I would report back properly with photos, so here they are. Each card represent for me a reason to be cheerful.

1st Attempt

We had such a giggle, especially with the first card I made. For those of you who don’t know me, I am super competitive and also think I’m very clever, so often don’t really listen to or follow instructions, but MUST always be the best at whatever I do or I loose interest very quickly. And so it was with this personality that I started the card class. Making the very first card, I was trying to make the paper lace stuff dividing the two colours and wasn’t paying enough attention, probably still stupidly in IF thoughts and managed to do the embossing before I actually cut the shape out and everything ended up slightly off. Before I knew it the first card was on track to disaster. I found myself really laughing at myself in a way I haven’t done in far too long and slowly started to unwind and relax. The card turned out okay, not great, but still I gave it away to a friend who’s 30th party we went to last week.

Best Friends

I learnt my lesson though and paid better attention to the next card. I found myself just letting go of all the IF thoughts that normally spin around and around in my head. And there I was really concentrating on what I was doing. The second card, I just knew as soon as I saw the paper that it was going to be for Bee (my BFF) and the whole time I was making it I found myself thinking about what an amazing friendship we have. How she doesn’t understand what Hopelessly and I are going through (and how could she when she is holding the daughter they conceived in their first month of trying!), but still she has been there and tries to relate. Yes she has said some pretty dumb things, but she is more like my sister than my friend and I love her no matter what. And there I was making this card just for her and wishing I could be there when she opens it. This is my favourite card, because I really felt that I put my love for my friend into the making of the card.


And then onto the last one. Again the moment I saw the paper I knew who the card had to be for. My MIL loves purple, she actually had a whole purple suit and brief case which she actually used to wear in public. She really has one of the worst dress senses I have ever encountered, but I love her for it. It is just a part of her quirkiness. And so the whole time I was making this card I was thinking about her and how much she would love it. And thinking about how amazing she has been. From the moment I actually became a member of the family (I’ll tell you all about how she tried to put my off marrying her son another time) she has embraced me as part of the family. And through this tough year, she has been there. Very quietly, in the background. She doesn’t ask questions, but she manages to not ask in such a way that you still know she cares and is thinking about it. She is the one who gives me an extra tight squeeze goodbye when we’ve had people around talking about babies, or when it’s been one of those nights with our niece when I am struggling that we don’t have a baby of our own. She just seems to know and understand and be there in just the way we need her to be. And so this card will be given to her to thank her for her amazing support and love.

I am thrilled with the second two cards. In fact I was really taken back that I was capable of making anything this pretty! Bragging now I know, but really it was a great instructor. She was patient and seemed as thrilled as I was when things turned out right. Best of all I found something I could do which totally took me out of myself and helped me to laugh again and helped me to think of something other than our oneday child and was so very rewarding. So Saturday I’m off for my next class, this time it’s Christmas Cards, so watch this space.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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8 Responses to Reasons to be Cheerful…

  1. cherrykitten says:

    will be watching)) pretty good article)) and you are right – people sometimes are annoyed with other’s happiness =(

  2. Bratty says:

    I am very impressed…wow…can i send you a list of cards I need?…smile

  3. ttcnot2easy says:

    They are phenominal! Absolutely beautiful! Well done! xx

  4. Lesley says:

    {blush} Ah shucks, you know you’re my most favourite member of the card club. Extra gemstones for you on Saturday…

    It does give me such a kick when I can see someone enjoying what they are doing and sharing my enthusiasm for stickles and the ol’ C.uttlebug.

    Wait till you what is in store for you next… glimmer-mist ooooohhhhh.

  5. Lesley, you’ve created a monster!!
    But seriously, who’d a thought my little instant-gratification-no-attention-to-detail-can’t-be-bothered-with-faffing DW could create things like this!!! She’s even invaded my workshop and taken up Christmas decoration manufacture…cool…although, this regular invasion of my man-cave may get disturbing if she can’t control her habit of talking to the tools…didn’t realise drills, sanders and scroll saws were voice activated!!

  6. KK says:

    Wow those are great…and even better that’s something you can lose yourself in and get a break from the IF/TTC crap.

  7. Lin says:

    WOW! I’m totally in awe of those. Just beautiful! And, a double success because it’s something you can do and lose the IF stuff for a few moments in the process. Those moments are rare and wonderful finds!

  8. Those cards are incredible! Serious craft jealousy here since I have not a crafty bone in my body!

    They are just beautiful and glad they were a positive (and productive!) distraction from all of this IF ‘stuff’.

    Thanks for sharing them!

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