Those of you who read Hopelessly’s blog will know that we have already established the names we want our kids to use for our parents.  When I was growing up I had Granny Carletonville (for my Mom’s Mom, who lived in Carletonville and it stuck even after she moved to Jo’burg) and Granny Laz (whose surname was Lazarus).  It helped to distinguish between them.  So Hopelessly and I agreed on the terms our folks would have, Nan for his Mom (A British thing), Grandad for his Dad, Pops for my Dad and Granny for my Mom. 

So today at work one of my colleagues was talking about the fact that he is whisking his wife away to a romantic destination for their 10th wedding anniversary.  He then went on to say that the kids were being babysat by “Gaga and Nanny” – their two grandmothers.  And it struck me that our children will never have a Granny.  And my heart did a little ache for the loss of my Mom.  I’m so sorry that I never got to make her a Granny, she would have loved that.  Of course she would have driven me crazy, but there’s something about the bond between kids and their grandparents.  I adored Granny Carletonville, she was awesome and I could do no wrong in her eyes.  I always imagined my Mom the batty Gran, the one the kids had a ball with because she would spoil them rotten no matter what I said and do all the things their parents would never allow them to do.

At least I actually got to tell my Mom that she had been named “Granny” and my MIL would be Nan.  She was so chuffed that she had ‘won’ the best name, she never realised it was what my MIL preferred too.  So even though I never got to make her a Granny, she knew we wanted to.

Infertility sucks and having your mother kill herself sucks too!  Enough said!


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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Granny

  1. Mash says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. My children were going to have Nana and Granddad for DH’s parents, although Granddad lived in the UK, and Opa and Oma for my parents (dutch). Now they are left with Oma and Nana, they won’t really know their grandfather in the UK much anyway. They will never know their Opa. Although, I have to say this, I’m glad that I wasn’t in my sister’s position, having to explain that he died. One of these days, my niece is going to ask how, and what will we say to her?

  2. Bratty says:

    Sorry MiW…sending you lotsa hugs

  3. amandamqn says:

    infertility does suck

    sending you loads of love = )

  4. ttcnot2easy says:

    I sort of know how you feel, MiW. I have this enormous fear that I will not be able to make either of our sets of parents, Grandparents. I desperately (DESPERATELY) want to see my baby/ies interact with our parents and vice versa. It’s something that I think about every day.

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