Distractions Needed

Some who have been following this dreadful journey for a while now will remember last year’s distraction plan.  It is a little over two weeks to our next SA.  I would love to say the last three months have gone quickly, but really they haven’t.  The first three months on this LOOOOONG protocol went quickly, there was Christmas and my family to visit, my birthday and then my mom’s death.  All helped time pass very quickly and in the blink of an eye I had built up my hope for test day and had it battered down by the results.

This last three months has dragged.  I mean REALLY dragged.  It has felt like we have been in this terrible limbo where it doesn’t even feel as though we are doing anything about TTC.  Of course as I’ve said that’s probably because it’s not my butt that’s been poked full of holes four times a week.  In fact I did a little calculation the other day and by test day poor Hopelessly will have had over 140 injections (testosterone – every three/four weeks for six months, pregnyl – three times a week for three months, menopur three times a week for the last six months, ovidrel once a week for the last six months)!  So needless to say the pressure is on for these results.  I so want some good news.  I will accept if the spermies are few and far between, I will accept if the spermies are slightly deformed or even if said spermies are swimming in the wrong direction, but please PLEASE let there be spermies!

Anyway I decided to take a look back at my distractions list and I have to admit to not having finished everything on the list, shock horror, but truth be told no surprises there.  Still to do:

  • Make a table cloth for the dining room with the stencilling – well actually I have rethought this one and don’t want to do this anymore, but by this weekend I will have made some table cloths with overlays for the new dining room table we ordered
  • We only ever did make one blind for the patio, but as making it nearly broke my sewing machine and definitely did break my patience, we will probably give making more of these to the professionals.
  • My herb garden was recently completely removed, I managed to kill almost everything growing in it and the wild rocket went wild and took over everything.  So I will be moving to a container herb garden, that way it will also be closer to the kitchen and more likely to be used in the cooking.  But this isn’t really the best time of year for planting, so perhaps this should wait?
  • I’ve given up Yoga, but I do need to get back to some exercise.  I’ve been recording Greys Anatomy since the season began and promised myself I will watch it on my cross trainer only.  Which of course means I have only watched one episode, so I have some serious exercise ahead and some great TV viewing.

In fact if you look at the list that hasn’t been finished I have pretty much pulled out of my commitment to all of it. 

But I need some distraction especially for the next few weeks.  Please help all suggestions welcome, but please bear in mind, I am NOT the active sporting type and will not be cycling or running any marathons.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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6 Responses to Distractions Needed

  1. Cam says:

    I am hoping so very very hard for you that you will get good news guys….it is time xxxx

  2. amandamqn says:

    My list of good distractions are: reorganize a closet, reorganize my kitchen cabinets, give the whole house a thorough cleaning, finally put my pictures into photo albums, read a ton of books and watch very silly movies. Sometimes these work and other times….

    I am keeping everything possible crossed for you both.


  3. ttcnot2easy says:

    Scrapbooking!!! You and DH have been on so many fabulous trips – just imagine how gorgeous your albums would be!!!! Sheesh! I’m jealous just THINKING of it!! Or cardmaking – you did just a fab job of it previously!! I intend using the cold wintry days coming to make our Xmas card for year end! It’s going to take a long time, as I need to make in excess of 150, but it’s going to be perfect for wiling away the time!

  4. Maryna says:

    Hi Hopefully, it’s been ages since we’ve chatted, but just wanted to say that you’re in my thoughts and that I am soooo hoping for good news on testing day.

    Here’s to hoping that a nice distraction for your next long wait will involve decorating the nursery!

  5. Bratty says:

    PLAY COMPUTER GAMES….kept me very distracted for a few days…smile

  6. ldr1604 says:

    Keep us posted on the test day, will be thinking about you guys and hoping for at least one magical tail-flicking spermie. Poor Chris, Ovidrel injections are the worst, I yelled when I had my last one.

    How about invest in a Wii player, You can get some games and get the Wii fit for exercise. We spent a long cold winter in the lounge happily distracted with our Wii.

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