Those of you who have been following this story for a while might remember when I fired our first FS and maybe this was a little like that, but I promise I don’t make a habit of firing doctors.  In fact until this whole IF journey started I didn’t see a doctor often enough to care much and definitely not enough to fire them.  However my FIL does describe me as ‘abrasive’ and if I’m honest I probably am, but what is it with doctors!

So brace yourself this is not going to be the short version…

When the IF Sh!t hit the proverbial fan at the start of last year DH went to see the GP.  We knew what was wrong, so we figured the GP should be able to help – dumb I now know, but a process we had to go through.  Our GP decided to simply put DefTTC onto the same meds he had been receiving in the UK.  The meds in question, testosterone injections.  We now know that this was the worst thing the GP could have done and it probably set our journey behind by at least six months if not considerably longer.  You see testosterone actually suppresses the production of FSH and LH the hormones he actually needed to start producing sperm!  Anyway at the time we knew no better and we dutifully administered the injections – about 7 in the space of four months!  The testosterone had an impact – a noticeable one, but not on his sperm.  When we finally got brave enough for a semen analysis the doctor phoned DefTTC and said that the count was too low to count.  Now I’m no expert but that sounds like there were some sperm – don’t you think?  We certainly did.

Until a few weeks later I went to see the GP (the wife of the doc who was dealing with DefTTC) because my cycles had gone crazy and it was worrying me.  She told me that ‘no there are NO sperm’.  She had the cheek to say to me that she couldn’t explain why my husband felt the need to lie to me.  Needless to say I was fuming but it spurred us into finally going to an FS.  In preparation for the FS we had some blood work done.  But other than that I have had no reason to see the GP again since then.  When the FS told us that it was probably because of the testosterone injections that the first protocol hadn’t worked I was angry, but more at myself than the GP because we should have just gone to the FS in the first place and how could we expect the GP to know how to treat DefTTC’s issue.  And so I forgave the GP for his idiocy to prescribe a treatment he clearly didn’t understand.  I also moved on from angry with my female GP for her stupid comments.

Until yesterday!

On Saturday we had an awesome Fertilicare ( get together and one of the ladies there explained how she was in a waiting period because when she was tested for immunity to German Measles she wasn’t immune and had to have the MMR vaccination.  Following that she has been told she must not get pregnant for three months.  Hence the wait.  It bothered me a little.  I remember being asked about whether I had had Rubella (German Measles) or been vaccinated and I couldn’t remember.  I asked my mom and she said I had, but I didn’t exactly trust much my mom said.  So I started to second guess whether with all the blood work I had had done whether they had tested me for immunity to Rubella.

So yesterday I get on the phone to the GP first to see if it was one of the tests she did right at the beginning – thinking that it should be standard procedure seeing as how dangerous it can be for the baby if the mother gets German Measles.  But she says ‘no’ I wasn’t tested.  I asked her whether this wasn’t standard procedure and she started getting all defensive with me and says “why are you so upset about this”.  So I explain how this could now delay our IVF by three months and seeing as how we’ve waited 17 months to even be in a position to get started another delay is rather frustrating.  Anyway she carries on all defensive and started getting upset with me and keeps asking why I’m upset?  I mean how stupid is this woman!  Eventually (it was bound to happen) I launch into how her husband gave my husband the worst possible treatment for his issue and how her husband had lied to my husband about his initial results and how all in all I don’t think we’ve really had great care from the practice.

I then asked if she could please check when my last pap-smear was and when I am due again and she gives this huge sigh!  Like I’m such an inconvenience.  So I told her to please prepare my file I will be finding a new GP!  FIRED!

Anyway, so that was that and then I got onto the clinic and the nurse who checked our file said that I have been checked for EVERYTHING EXCEPT Rubella!  I mean honestly.  I told the doc that I wasn’t sure and he didn’t check this!  Just another reason I am glad we kicked Dr Shit-for-Brains into touch!

So off I rushed to get blood tests done and here I sit holding my breath, crossing fingers and toes and everything else and holding thumbs that PLEASE my blood work comes back that I was vaccinated as a child and this isn’t going to be another delay I just can’t deal with.

So having managed to stay so calm and so together and not get overly excited or nervous or over think anything around the possibly upcoming IVF, I completely lost it yesterday!  I broke down, was sobbing, couldn’t breathe properly – the whole works.  I know it’s only a possibility and I shouldn’t have got so upset until I know for sure what the status is, but I guess it just showed that I am now holding things together quite as well as I was hoping.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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10 Responses to FIRED my GP

  1. Mash says:

    Hmmmm. I’m a vaccination skeptic. I know of far too many people who got vaccinated for something and still got the disease (and NOT the milder version as the doctors would have us believe). I would go ahead with the IVF anyway. But you probably were vaccinated, all the girls in my school got vaccinated in Std 5.

  2. samcy says:

    Sjoe, that does sound like they did things a bit arse about face. Good for you that you fired them!

    I know it’s a huge stress to maybe have to delay your IVF – but rather safe than sorry. But quick one? Surely this would have been checked at your new FS?? Check with them – perhaps they’ve done it already.


    • Sam If only it were so. When we fired the old FS we stayed at the same clinic, just a new doc, and no additional tests have been run on me since changing to the new doc!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh bugger. I hate incompetent doctors!

  4. Melissa says:

    Sjoe – what is it with these moron doctors? Glad to see that you are immune and don’t have to worry about another 3 month wait!

    Just wanted to say I cracked myself at Dr Shit for Brains! We also FIRED him (Dr vdM) after wasting our time with 4IUIS and refusing to do a LAP and Hist. Wish I had done it sooner. Don’t even know why he is still practicing.

  5. skrambled says:

    Ah no! I can understand the frustration. I hope that you don’t have to delay. (((HUGS)))……And who are these silly silly people. Good decision firing them.

  6. How terrible. What an awful awful doctor. I hope your b/w comes back all good and you can move forward.

  7. ldr1604 says:

    Jeepers, surely the idiots could manage to convey the message that there was no sperm in a clear manner! Can’t be that hard to do. no wonder you flipped, I would have too. The S-F-B couple really messed you around and added endless frustration to an already incredibly complex issue. I fire or threaten to people all the time, I thought Flipper might soften me up a bit but nope I remain the same old tough bitch.

  8. ttcnot2easy says:

    Firstly – good on you for taking the steps to get this test done. I honestly hope that the results will be pleasing.
    When it comes to doctors – I prefer to go to a specialist. I’ve had a ‘moment’ with my GP too and visit after visit yielded NO results (had a horrendous, hacking cough) – then had to have surgery; the aneathetist was not happy to put me under because of the cough, but suggested a penicilin injection – lo and behold. It was great to tell my GP about it.. he was pretty much floored. With all due respect to GP’s, their expertise is quite limited; and I rather stick to them for cold’s and flu’s (and EVEN THEN I will only go if the symptoms persist longer than 1 week, after self prescribing).
    Flip – what a bloody cow your GP was!!!! Seriously…!!! Grrr..

  9. KK says:

    Ugh! I hope that it doesn’t delay treatment and I’m glad you took control and fired the doc, not that it will be much comfort if it does delay the start of IVF. Blech.

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