I Don’t Do SICK!

Yup you read that right.  I don’t get sick!  I am a firm believer in Echinacea and it’s amazing powers to boost the immune system and keep me healthy.  At the first little sign of that scratchy throat which is normally that start of a cold or flu, I start with the Echinacea.  And I dose myself for a few days and I just don’t get sick.  In the last eight years I have had two colds, last April after our loooong cycle where I convinced myself I was pregnant, this April when I finally took a holiday after too much work stress and my mom’s death and now… I am home in bed!

I am blaming IVF!  You see I got that scratchy throat just before transfer and because I wanted to do everything by the book, wanted nothing to leave me with regrets I took the doctor’s advice and I didn’t take my Echinacea.  Well I completely surprised myself and didn’t get sick.  Simply case of mind over matter.  I refused to be sick while on a cycle and so I didn’t get sick.  But it came back and bit me on the arse and even the Echinacea didn’t work this time.  I have a cold.

Now I hear those of you who do get sick from time to time, thinking ‘what’s all the fuss about, it’s just a cold’.  BUT I DON’T DO SICK!  Because I don’t get sick I am a complete and utter waste of space when I do get sick.  I firmly believe that the world is coming to an end, I am dying and I should probably just book myself into hospital so they can give me hard core drugs to get me well again.  This also from someone who normally completely avoids even taking paracetamol for a headache. 

And so I got up and took myself off to work this morning because I had a HUGE day starting with an important meeting with our new Project Manager at 7.30am and just back to back meetings all day.  Oh and I had to prepare to deliver our new strategy for the next three years, which I got three days notice of!  Only to get to work, feeling like a dog, to find the Project Manager has cancelled at the eleventh hour and not even had the decency to let me know with any notice!  I was so p!ssed off I was on the verge of tears and so decided that the only cure for this would be to actually go home and just allow myself to be sick and hopefully work on getting better – well and my strategy presentation!

You see the problem is money.  No we don’t struggle.  We lead an amazing life and enjoy lots of comforts.  But I’m a contractor and so I am paid by the hour.  This works in my favour when there is lots of work to be done and I can bill for the long hours I have to put in or the weekend work I do from time to time (actually very seldom).  But it is not good when you are feeling sick.  All I can think is that there is money to be earned that I am not earning while I lie in bed feeling sorry for myself.  And we need that money so we can continue helping my Dad out and pay for IVF… oh and a holiday wouldn’t go amiss either.

Anyway I sound and feel like a spoilt brat, so I’ll just get on with my strategy and feeling sorry for myself and taking my meds.  Oh and don’t feel sorry for me as DefTTC always says I feel sorry enough for myself, I don’t need any additional sympathy.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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3 Responses to I Don’t Do SICK!

  1. Cathy Nel says:

    Argh I don’t do sick either! I’m so paranoid about getting sick now I’ve locked myself up at home and waiting for all the bugs to be exterminated!

    Get better soon and feel as sorry as you like because it SUCKS to be sick!!!!!


  2. Mash says:

    Don’t do that to yourself! I’m also a contractor and I also get paid hourly – but I never begrudge myself a sickie. Just remember that you are a contractor so that you can earn a higher rate, and that higher rate MORE than covers the occassional sickie! Nurture yourself, you deserve it …

  3. KK says:

    I hope you are feeling better!

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