Days 11 & 12 – Compliments

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on

I make fabulous carrot cake.  I mean seriously fabulous carrot cake.  I wish I could claim real credit and say it was my own recipe, but alas, one I got from my friend in the UK.  But I have embraced it and probably made it more times than she has and made it my own.  If you ever invite me somewhere and I offer to bring something, just remember to ask for my Carrot Cake.

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on

The flip side of this coin, hmmm, not sure what it is I would expect to be complimented on and yet am not.  I guess that’s my gorgeous figure.  It might be because it’s hiding under the extra kilos somewhere! LOL

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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2 Responses to Days 11 & 12 – Compliments

  1. Erika says:

    So, when are you coming to visit us here in Gauteng, so we can try some of those delicious carrot cake! 😉
    (not that my body -which I don’t get complimented on either – should actually have some more carrot cake!)

  2. tasivfer says:

    I need this carrot cake right now!!! 🙂

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