For those of you avoiding posts about babies, don’t worry this isn’t about breastfeeding.  The countdown is really on for the next IVF now.  It is starting to get real.  I can tell because my sleep is getting worse again as my brain kicks into overdrive and plays every possible scenario over and over.  And as I know for that last IVF you actually can’t play EVERY scenario, there is always something that can come out of left field and throw you a curve ball, so now my brain has to work even harder and be even more creative.  The great thing is that most of these scenarios are not negative.  Must be a sign of how much better I am doing!

So in preparation, I spent last week drafting an email for my FS with my questions.  I know I’ve told you this before (repeatedly) but my FS is the absolute best!  I finally sent the email on Friday figuring he is back at work from his holiday today (Monday) and so my email would be near the top of his list to reply to.  Well he replied yesterday, yes SUNDAY!  How cool is this man!  I am so glad that he and my other favourite man (Chris) are working together to get me knocked up!

Anyway, his response suggested that I start weaning myself off the anti-depressants now and stop them completely by the time I start stimming.  Pity as I was hoping to keep them up through the stimm phase to help keep me on an even keel and only give them up at retrieval.  Now these ADs are capsules, not tablets so weaning myself off is interesting, not like I can just start taking a half dose.  So I guess I will be starting to only take them every second day for a week, then every third day for another week and give them up completely around CD1.

A friend asked me last week whether I was nervous about giving up the drugs for the IVF as I do feel they have made a difference to how I have recovered in the couple of months and how I am now coping.  And I bravely responded that I was only a little nervous.  When I first read that I would have to start weaning myself off them now, so much earlier than I anticipated, I have to admit, I got a little nervous.  Did I mention my therapist is on leave too, until the end of the month when I am pretty much starting the IVF!  So I had a moment of OMG, no drugs, not therapist… oh boy!

But actually I am not nervous.  I really feel as though the time out after our last cycle has done me the world of good.  I feel as though the drugs helped to get me through the really rough phase and together with my amazing support network helped me to learn to cope better again.  I feel that in the last couple of months I have rediscovered my strength, rediscovered my coping mechanisms and I will be fine.  But at the same time, I also realise that with or without the drugs things are about to get exciting around here again and there will be good days and bad days – especially once I start pumping the hormones into me.  And it is fine if I don’t cope brilliantly.  It is okay if there are days I am down, or scared or hope seems distant.

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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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11 Responses to Weaning

  1. Good luck, I hope the weaning isn’t too hectic.

  2. runnyyolk says:

    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you.

  3. tasivfer says:

    I hope it goes OK! A bit scary to contemplate weaning off a support, especially when your therapist isn’t around to support too. But at least the stimming etc, is the ‘up’ part of the cycle – the part of the cycle that usually has the most hope. I guess being on the anti-depressants during the 2WW was never an option (?) and that might be when they’re most needed.

    BUT – the weaning means you’re on your way tot he next cycle! 🙂

  4. Miela says:

    I just want to say “good luck” with your next IVF.

    You talked about a place where you can get amazing massages a while ago. Can you maybe give some more info on that? (Where in Durbanville?) I would like to try a massage or 2 myself.

  5. Erin says:

    So glad that you’re feeling good and that you’re ready to start again! Sending prayers for you!

  6. samcy says:

    You’ll be just fine honey – you’ve given yourself a good time between treatments, you’ve done the emotional work, you’ve done the weight work – you’re doing damn good!

    I’m praying for HUGE success!


  7. Kitty8218 says:

    Good luck I hope it’s easy as pie and it will be totally worth it in the end xxx

  8. AG says:

    Good luck with your cycle. I am also with Dr S – I started on antidepressants 6 months ago after a MC and have just gone back to the clinic and about to start a cycle but haven’t seen him face to face so didn’t mention the meds. What are you on and why did he tell you to stop taking them? Feeling a bit worried now. I am on cypralex

  9. Marissa says:

    Happy ICLW. Best of luck to you in your cycle!

  10. Foxypopcorn says:

    I’ve read about other women who had to stop taking their anti-depression/anxiety meds while undergoing IVF. My RE suggested that I stop taking mine (lexapro and klonopin) while we did fertility treatments because they weren’t indicated as totally safe during pregnancy, not because it would interfere with the treatment. My regular Dr told me that I could keep taking them until the third trimester, and that maintaining my sanity while we went thru treatments was even more important. So, I guess I just choose to listen to my regular Dr and ignore what my RE said. I really don’t want to stop taking my meds, and can only think about how bad it was before I started taking them. Once I am confirmed pregnant, I would definitely wean off, but until then, I really need them to keep me sane and functional.

    It does seem like you have a newfound strength to deal with whatever the path ahead of you is, and that is really awesome! I think that you will be fine as long as you give yourself permission to feel however you feel, and to plan extra supports for the treatment cycle.

    Much luck to you! I’ll be doing a March cycle and look forward to following you!

  11. Aub says:

    Here from ICLW. We are also gearing up for an IVF with ICSI cycle. My DH has tested positive for two antisperm antibodies and IVF is our only option. My heart goes out to you. I hope that you have success in your next cycle. I’ll be following along.

    ICLW #148

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