Crocheted Blanket

Had a bit of a wobble yesterday.  I am never sure when I am on the hormones whether it is the hormones, my normal crazy levels or whether people really do deserve the reaction they get from me. 

My clinic called me yesterday to let me know that unfortunately the divine Dr S would not be able to do my scan this morning as he was going to be at the Government hospital.  Just for info our clinic is really awesome and is tied to the local government hospital where all the doctors from our clinic take their turns doing work.  In the place of divine Dr S I would be scanned by the other doc (those that have been reading this blog for some time will remember him).  Now while I have calmed down in relation to the other doc and in fact went into this cycle knowing that both Prof and Dr S would be away for my retrieval and transfer (based on original dates) and that the ‘other doc’ would do these.  I was fine with this, because let’s face it all the decisions get made while you are still stimming.

Well when they told me that the ‘the doc’ would be doing the scan I spun out a little.  I said that I was not at all happy, that I went into this cycle knowing Dr S would do all my scans and now for what would likely be the last scan and the one at which they made the decision on when we would have retrieval, I would have the doctor I cannot communicate with.  Anyway, after a bit of me getting angry, getting emotional, shedding a tear or two and then shouting again just for good measure, I had an appointment with Dr S for today at lunch time and the awesome amazing nurse (Sr F) brought my meds for this morning to her home (near my home) where I could pick them up.  Now I am definitely the type to hold a grudge when someone upsets me and p!sses me off that much, but my clinic resolved the issue and sorted things out and all was forgiven by the time I left Sr F’s house.

So we ended up getting pizza and heading to the in-laws to eat last night.  We arrived completely unannounced and made ourselves at home, the way you can do with family.  Anyway, I hadn’t noticed that I was practically sitting on my MIL’s crocheting.  She eventually picked it up to pack it away and I noticed it is a good start on a beautiful blanket.  Now we have family friends who have a baby due any day now and I assumed it was for her, so I asked what she was making, and she said “you weren’t meant to see it”.  It’s a blanket for our baby.  Our baby is going to have a blanket.  How cool is that.

I know this probably sounds pathetic, but just before we started our first IVF my MIL asked Chris and I if she was allowed to start making things for our baby.  We said probably not, well actually I think I said no and Chris said, well don’t tell us about it.  She asked me separately if I liked homemade knitted and crocheted baby stuff and I said I really loved the idea of having a crocheted blanket.  You know those beautiful soft, made with love blankets.  Well she heard us and is making our baby a blanket.  There is that tiny part of me that is terrified that that blanket will never have a baby to wrap, but mostly I am so overwhelmed by the positivity in making something for our baby, while we are trying to make the baby.  And at least it won’t be in my home while we wait for the baby to arrive.  So my baby has a blanket and I am so touched and thrilled at the prospect.

So today we went along at lunch time for the scan.  Looking good, progressed so quickly.  Today is CD10 and results were, 4 big follies, the biggest at 24mm!  2 smaller follies.  And my lining is developing beautifully – 10.2mm (I know you aren’t meant to compare cycles but my best ever previous lining was 7.9!!!)!  So to avoid those HUGE follies from ovulating we will be triggering tonight and retrieval will be on Friday (CD12).  This means that Dr S will be doing my retrieval afterall!  YAH!!!  He also said that depending how many embies we have we may transfer on Sunday (day 2) if there are only 2 or 3 embies, which means Dr S may do my whole cycle!  DOUBLE YAH!!!  Anyway that is getting ahead of myself, one step at a time.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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10 Responses to Crocheted Blanket

  1. sweets says:


    Great lining 🙂 don’t think I’ve ever had one that good.

    All the best for Friday.

  2. AmandaMqn says:

    yay for the great response, I am keeping everything crossed for you both. I wish you wonderfulness for Friday.

    I love crocheted baby goods, my Grandma crochets and I can’t wait to receive baby goods from her one day. I can’t wait for you to wrap your baby in that blanket : )

  3. Sharon says:

    Oh! How precious of your MIL, I almost wept at the beauty and love in the gesture! I wish my MIL would be half has thoughtful and loving towards me!
    And YAY for ER!
    Will be hoping and praying…

  4. tasivfer says:

    Maybe it’s hormones, but I’ve been crying ever since I read about the crocheted blanket being made for your baby. It’s just so touching.

    And how wonderful that Dr S did your scan AND will be doing your retrieval!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you say in recovery.

  5. Emily Erin says:

    So very glad that your cycle is lining up in a way that will allow you to have a cycle with your best team! Cheering hard for you from here and praying that you *will* have a baby to put in that blanket soon!

  6. Cam says:

    Thats awesome hun! I love Dr S. He was my first FS and whenever he sees me he still comes over for a chat and a little arm squeeze LOL…love him! So fab he may do your whole cycle! All the best for ER on Friday – whoop whoop xxx

  7. hanneke001 says:

    That is so sweet of your MIL, everything sounds awesome for your upcoming cycle !!

  8. samcy says:

    Awesome MIL – showing her faith by making that blanket that WILL hold your baby. Love that she is doing that!

    All sounds good so far – hoping and praying!!!


  9. Mash says:

    If anyone is ever going to have a baby to put in that blanket, it’s you guys. What ever bumps there are in the road, you just get on with it and overcome them, I really admire you guys for that.

    What I’ve learned is that the people that really want babies on this road, get them. One way or another.

  10. Heather says:

    So precious and wonderful about the blanket. Thinking of you and hoping for the best hugs Heather

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