4 Chambered Hearts

I think I told you we decided to splash out on weekly scans up to the point where we go to the OBGYN.  So yesterday we headed off for our second last appointment with the fabulous Dr S to see how Sausage and Pudding are getting on.

I have to admit that I had gotten fairly anxious the night before the scan.  The fear that both these precious babies might not be doing perfectly is terrifying.  Those heartbeats last week were only a little dots blinking on and off and it just seemed too possible that that blinking might not still be going.

I really needn’t have worries.  Both our precious babies behaved perfectly for us and were lying just right so that we could see their heart beating beautifully.  In fact we could see all four chambers of both their hearts.  I have a special hand movement which explains what it looked like, but I can’t come up with words to describe it.   What an amazing miracle.  Our babies have 4 chambers in their hearts and they showed them to us.  Dr S said we were very lucky to see it as you only see that if the babies are lying just right and we saw it on both babies!  They also have little alien heads now which are distinguishable from their little blob bodies and I am pretty sure that I saw a foot bud on Sausage, but maybe that was just wishful thinking as Dr S didn’t mention it.  Pudding has grown very well and is in fact now bigger than Sausage.  Both are measuring over 11mm CRL (crown to rump length – they now don’t measure their little heads), exactly on track according to the clinic’s calculations on my dates.

Dr S said we are out the woods now, the greatest risk of losing them is behind us.  He said that exercise is now okay, but I must be able to whistle while exercising to know I am not over exerting myself.  I wanted to ask does that mean that if I can’t whistle I can’t exercise?  I am thinking of moving that cross trainer (well getting Chris to move it) back into the house and starting to get moving.

Next scan – next week, but before then tomorrow I have my next scrap session and I will finally be scrapping our little babies.  I will post some pics, for those that want to look at our amazing little alien pictures.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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9 Responses to 4 Chambered Hearts

  1. Heather says:

    ooh that’s so exciting! 🙂 can’t wait to see pics.

  2. Cam says:

    Yay for the little sausage and pudding!!! Pics pics! xxx

  3. samcy says:

    We neeeeed to see pics 🙂 PRONTO!


  4. Kitty8218 says:

    Awesome news. Truly amazing that you could see all 4 chambers of those very little hearts!!!! Don’t go exercising too much and take it easy 🙂

  5. zygotta says:

    this is so cool!
    why don’t they measure the heads, btw?

  6. Shona says:

    How great! I never saw that at my last scan. How many weeks do you have to be to see heart chambers?

  7. Teejay says:

    Great news! It’s so important to see those 4 chambers. Have fun scrapping! I will be doing some scrapping this week while I’m off, too.

  8. AmandaMqn says:

    I am just catching up on everything and wanted to tell you how incredibly wonderful I think it is that you are expecting twins!! Congrats x2, you and Hopelessly deserve all the happiness in the world!!

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