Shopping Mania

Yes it has finally happened, the shopping bug has bit and Chris and I have gone crazy.  But before I get into that I had a sneaky scan while up in Jo’burg and I just have to tell you how awesome my babies are.

My trip to Jo’burg was hard, very hard.  Somewhere along the way I turned into a complete and utter wimp.  I hardly recognised myself as the same woman who headed off to Rome for a holiday all by herself.  From the moment I got off the plane I was out of my depth and my comfort zone.  I got lost everywhere I went, despite the GPS (yes some user error combined with some out-dated maps).  And I have NEVER missed Chris as much as I did on this trip.  The whole time it just
felt wrong that Chris’ wife and both children were all away from him.  Anyway, I struggled to sleep and on the Thursday started feeling some weird sensations in my cervix.  It freaked me out slightly, but I tried hard to keep it together.  Then Friday I developed pretty bad water retention which freaked me out a lot.  I know I should expect water retention, but again I never expected it this early and how do you know what is normal and what is a sign of pre-eclampsia?  For the first time (possibly in my whole career) I sat through meetings where I simply couldn’t concentrate on what was happening.  All I could think about was were my babies okay.
Then the weird cervix feelings started again and I have to say the fear was back with a vengeance.

Saturday I went off to the Baba Indaba with my step-mom and when I saw they did scans there, that was it.  I quick call to Chris to check how he would feel if I went for a scan without him and we were booked in for a 4D scan.  What a relief to see those two wriggly little kids.  What a relief to be told the weird cervix sensation is just my little girl who is pressing down on my cervix and that my cervix is closed up nice and tight and long!  The scan was great, the sonographer did all the measurements and said the babies are doing beautifully.  Little girl still measuring a week ahead and little boy a few days ahead.  Both perfect and healthy and contented.  Little boy was sucking on his thumb, playing with his umbilical cord and even playing with his willy!  While his sister continued to kick him and squirm around, she is so busy constantly.

I have been asked repeatedly to please post scan pics and belly pics and I have been very reluctant.  There are so many reasons for it and only one of them is sensitivity for those still in the midst of their infertility struggle.  I had a weird superstition about showing off my babies to just anyone (yes crazy and I can’t explain), but that is over.  So in a compromise I have created a new page ( where I will post pics.  I figure this way no one need be unexpectedly accosted by my baby pics on a bad day when they are reading my blog, it must be hard enough on a bad day reading me going on about morning sickness and baby bump and gushing about baby shopping.  But those that want to see them can find them.  More will follow when I get myself together.

I think last Friday was the big milestone in my head.  19 weeks!  For a twin pregnancy that is half way to full term.  We are halfway to our babies being in our arms.  Actually I just keep hoping we are halfway, that I can keep them safe and sound on board and growing big and healthy for that long.  But I think hitting the half
way mark suddenly made me realise that the time for procrastination is now over.  You see I have been told that by the time I am at 28 weeks I will be as big as a woman full term with just one baby.  I have been told to stop working at 28 weeks and that by then I should have the nursery finished and be ready for their arrival.  Well 28 weeks is less than 9 weeks away.  Time to get a move on!

On your marks – Friday we left work and went to pick up Chris’ new family car!  He is now no longer driving a 20-somthing year old car, but a gorgeous 7-seater with plenty of room for two babies (and some friends), two car seats, a twin pram and all the paraphernalia we will need to cart around with us.

Get set – Yes we finally ordered the cots and a compactum.  Of course Chris didn’t hesitate to wind up his pregnant wife by mentioning that it was the first cot we saw and the one we liked straight away and that it had taken us 12 weeks from first seeing it to then ensure we had seen EVERY other cot available in the whole of Cape Town to come back to the first choice.

Go – yes from there it was full steam ahead!  Saturday we stopped at a market to check out some stuff my mother in law (MIL) had seen which was beautifully embroidered so we could get the details of the woman who makes them so we can see whether she will make some stuff for us.  We ended up buys 2 sets of bum and face cloths, 2 burpers and 2 bibs.  Sunday we hit the shops hard and the credit card is still reeling from the abuse it got.  We bought the cot bumpers, duvet and pillows (baby breathable ones, baby bigger ones and toddler ones).  My MIL has offered to make our bedding for us and we needed to buy the stuff so she can
measure the sizes and figure out how much fabric we need to buy.  But while we were there I couldn’t resist (well actually I think Chris feared I would drag him back there AGAIN and insisted we just do it) and we selected our gorgeous carry cots.  We decided against getting a camp cot and instead have bought these two stunning HUGE carry cots which should fit them until about a year.  In fact they are so big that both babies should fit in one carry cot for the first couple of months.  I have dreamt about owning these carry cots since the first time I laid my eyes on them and now I am the proud owner of TWO!

From there it was off to Baby City where we ordered car seats (yes again, I am hoping this time we don’t get a call to say they are no longer available!) and we should in theory have those in two weeks.  And then we just wondered around.  I had pretty much wanted to go with the Tommy Tippee bottles as they have such a great reputation, I have heard such good things about them and they look so nice, but was half expecting that when I finally looked at the prices I would be inclined to go
with something more affordable.  Well boy was I wrong, the TT bottles are significantly cheaper than the standard bottles and they had a promo pack for sale at a brilliant price and so we even bought our first bottles, will have to go back and get more, though.

And just like that the shopping is off to a flying start.  Saturday I am off with a friend who’s little boy is just over six months old so she can guide me and give me some advice on what I should get and what I shouldn’t bother with and which is the best etc.  I am so excited for this shopping spree, so all the little things can start falling into place too.

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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8 Responses to Shopping Mania

  1. Waw, I am glad your miracles are both doing so well and growing as they should ! good boy and girl !!
    As for the difficulty of being away from Chris an calling him whether to do the scan or not … too cute, girl !!

    Enjoy the shopping and getting things ready !!

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so glad your little ones are safe and sucking, kicking and squirming and doing their thing!
    Love the pics…
    And good for you for going shopping. Sounds great.

  3. tasivfer says:

    I’m glad they’re doing so well – it’s it a freakish feeling when you have someone knocking on the INSIDE of your cervix?!?! I’m a bit envious of your crazy shopping – 34 weeks tomorrow and I’m still way behind you!

  4. Cam says:

    Your pics are so fab 🙂 And awesome about the shopping!!! I got to get moving too…xx

  5. Yvonne says:

    Glad to hear all is going so well! Sounds like you are pretty much sorted shopping wise! It’s so exciting to get the nursery done! xxx

  6. teejay says:

    So glad the scan showed everything as it should be. Hang on babies…you have a while yet. Congrats on getting all that baby gear. It amazes me how much gear those tiny little humans require. I’m sure your credit card will be getting a much bigger workout the closer the time gets. Great update!

  7. unclenorton says:

    haha, it’s very glad to hear all is going so well! Enjoy the shopping and getting things ready.Great update!

  8. K says:

    Hi from ICLW! I like your idea of having a separate page for baby pics. I looked at the pics you’ve posted and they’re beautiful! I’m glad you had so much fun with baby shopping. Even in the midst of IF I still get pangs of excitement and anticipation when I see baby clothes and furniture. Congrats on being half-way to full term!

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