Wriggling Bums

I thought that would get your attention! LOL

So yesterday was our two weekly scan and check up on the twins.  I do love the ability to check up on them regularly and get the reassurance that we are still on track.  First off I have to say my gynie is growing on me, it seems the bigger my belly gets the more he cares (or at least shows it).  He was great asking lots of questions about how I was doing and feeling and how my emotions were holding up and are we still feeling positive.  And the simple answer to all that is we are doing good.  I told him I had been monitoring my blood pressure at home and it had been very good (normal) and besides the aching hips and getting VERY tired very easily I am doing great.

Then the blood pressure test, where it came up high again?!?  About the same as at our last appointment (this time without the road rage incident) and he said it is probable that the home monitor is not accurate.  So last night I checked out Chris’ blood pressure and it came back at 105/60 – which is impossible as Chris has naturally high blood pressure – so I guess the monitor is not accurate at all.  I will be heading off to a pharmacy today with the monitor to get my blood pressure checked and check it against the monitor and if necessary buy a new one so I can feel more confidence in the readings I get at home.

Anyway then we had the scan.  And our little munchkins are doing beautifully.  Little Girl weighing in at over 1.4kgs and Little Boy at over 1.3kgs.  It turns out they have completely shifted positions which explains the amount of movement I have been feeling the last week or so.  Our little girl is now completely breach with her head up under my right ribs and legs down.  Our boy is transverse with his head around belly button height and stretched out across the top of my belly.  The other night I could really feel a bum sticking out just under my right ribs and was saying how cute our little girl’s bum is (becuase that’s where her bum was when we checked in at the last scan less than 2 weeks ago) and now it turns out that the cute bum was our boy’s!

Oh and my cervix – doing beautifully, still over 3cm!  Bearing in mind that anything over 2cm at 24 weeks is fine to still be over 3cm at 28 weeks is a great sign.

The doctor has prescribed steroids to help get the twins lung development going, just in case.  A pure precaution and not becuase of any warning signs (well not that he mentioned to us anyway).  He said if we do them now and there is any sign of an early arrival at least we will know it has been done and their lungs have had the boost they need to get started.  So I went on an around the houses search for steroids.  It seems the suppliers have run out of stock and the net result is that there are practically no steroids to be found in Cape Town.  My doctor’s nurse phoned around all the hospitals in our area and most of the big pharmacies to help me find and eventually said there are none to be had but I could try some of the other pharacies, but failing that we will just have to do without.

Well I wasn’t having any of that, so went to a few pharmacies and eventually found enough for last night’s injection (2cc) at one pharmacy and have to drive about 20kms to get the rest for tonight’s injection (another 2cc).

So after 4 IVFS and my poor hubby’s endless injections you would have thought we were complete experts at the injection thing, needle junkies that we are!  How wrong!  You see while I have given Chris well over 200 injections in the bum and given myself nearly 60 injections in the tummy, Chris has NEVER given me any injections despite having given himself quite a few along the way.  And of course with the big belly there was no way I was capable of twisting enough to give myself the intramuscular steroid shot in the @rse!

So we got the needle all loaded up and Chris got all nervous about hurting me (never mind that he still has a lump in his bum from his last testosterone shot I gave him over a week ago!) and started apologising in case he hurt me.  Well lying on your tummy with a belly the size of mine was not going to happen, so we started with me lying on my side so he could try giving the shot.  I think his nerves got the better of him because his first ‘stab’ bounced straight off my bum, not even a prick!  Well that got his nerves even more worked up and I started giggling.  We had to change positions two more times trying to get the perfect alignment for him to give me the shot and everytime he started the count-down to the jab I would start giggling.  It must have been quite a sight with my bum in the air wriggling and bouncing as I giggled away!

Anyway eventually, needle went in and OMG it stings like a b@stard!

Thanks for all the well wishes for my twin mommy friend.  Her babies are still in tummy and she is being very closely monitored in hospital.  You can get her update and send her some love at http://angelsonmymind.blogspot.com/

Another twin Mommy it seems might also meet her babies sooner than expected, so please pop over and send her and her surro and her babies some love too: http://zero-guarantees.blogspot.com

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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12 Responses to Wriggling Bums

  1. cstelle says:

    I think that we are soo used to needles and then the moment you need an injection, it feel like a first!! You are doing so great!!! keep it up and good luck!!!!

    Thanx for the wishes!!!

  2. samcy says:

    Glad to hear that babies are still doing well and that your cervix is being a rockstar and staying at 3cm 🙂

    Your gynae seems very good – making sure you have the shots “in case” – rather cautious than not in my mind…

    I had to giggle at the picture of you with YOUR wriggling bum in the air whilst Chris tried to do the shot 😉

    Thinking of you all – take it easy and watch that BP!


  3. Kitty8218 says:

    So glad all is going well! Way to go 🙂
    As for the injections I feel your pain! My last 2 transfers were all intramuscular injections every day sometimes 2 in a day. My bum is STILL sore! REmember that warming up the spot with a hot water bottle before and after helps with the pain and helps the meds get absorbed quicker as the circulation is increased by the heat….this little tip really helped me to cope….although my bum still feels very bruised!
    It was also a very funny time our first injection and I was practically having a melt down as DH was FAR to comfortable with the injection in his hand and looked like DR DREAD! Hahahaha….what we won’t do! Good luck and thinking of you xxx

  4. Heather says:

    SO funny! Glad you got your meds and managed the injections somehow! Good you can laugh about it.

  5. So glad to come back and hear that you and your LOs are doing so great !!
    Best to have these shots “just in case”, but I hope that all will continue to go so well …. Take care and rest well !!

  6. Deborah says:

    Here from ICLW – Sounds like you got good news at the scan! I know 28 weeks is pretty safe, but it’s good to hear you’ve probably got a few more to go, with your cervix like that. And glad the steroid injections made it in there, just in case. 🙂 Good luck.

  7. St. Elsewhere says:

    Very happy to know that all is going well.

    The precautionary steroid shots are good choice.

    Sending metta to you and the other baby-mommas.


    iclw #39

  8. Sarah says:

    That is a great update!!! I am so lucky that my husband was comfortable giving me the shots so I didn’t need to worry about him being nervous!!
    Keep those babies cooking!!!

    Happy ICLW

  9. Julie Anita says:

    Hello from ICLW!

    I’m 30 weeks with twins myself and dealing with proteinuria issues (they’re also calling me “borderline hypertensive,” although really my BP has been okay). So I’m on bed rest now and eager to read about other women in a similar situation with me 🙂

  10. Natalie says:

    stopping in from ICLW. Sounds like you have quite the adventure ahead of you. Since it is my first time visiting you I am only assuming you are in/around Cape Town South Africa? This would be so funny if you were there because my husband is in school right now specializing in Africa and we’ve starting talking about South Africa for our eventual destination. Anyhoodles, sounds like everything is going good with you and your beautiful babies.

  11. Donor Diva says:

    I felt the same way about my OB. At first I thought she was cold and annoyed me. As my pregnancy progress she grew on me. Also I got to meet the other Drs in the practice and she turned out to be one of the best. Keep growing those babies!

    Happy ICLW! #20

  12. Chrissie says:

    Glad that things are going well!!
    Wishing you a healthy and smooth rest of your pregnancy x

    ICLW #23

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