Can it really be a whole month since I blogged?  I have started so many days planning on writing a post, but somehow they never seem to happen.  Then you realise that you have so much to say and tell that it is going to take ages and that puts me off somewhat.  On the excuses pile (right at the top) is the fact that I don’t really have a lap left to put my laptop on to write and sitting at a table puts so much pressure on my pubic bone that it can have me crippled in pain fairly quickly.

I’m going to start with one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life – our Babies’ Shower!  My sister turned 21 this weekend and rather than have her 21st Party in Jo’burg without me she brought her party to Cape Town and the whole family came down for it.  So Sunday while everyone was here we had our Babies’ Shower.

I have to admit to being totally excited about the shower, you see I had appointed six (yes 6) awesome women to arrange the shower and I had a feeling they were getting more than a little carried away.  Also I have spent so much of this pregnancy scared that these precious babies would arrive before the shower that reaching the actual shower seemed like such a massive milestone.

My hubby helped to get me totally overwhelmed before the shower even started.  We got in the car to head to my MIL’s place (where the shower was being held) and he said to me, “before all the chaos and people are around us I want to say well done and thank you.”  I was a little surprised and asked for what and he said for keeping the babies in and for being brave enough to ask him to get treatment so we could have babies and making this possible!  Cue the tears!  How special, how awesome!  I love that man with all my heart and am so thrilled he is holding my hand down this road.  He is truely going to be the very best Daddy ever!

Then we walked into the Shower and WOW!   Every detail had been taken care of.  Beautiful cut-outs hanging on a line with the names of our babies strung up and teeny tiny little socks and baby grows (onesies).  And balloons which matched the cut-outs perfectly.  And food – food and drinks for Africa!

There were so many people there, not sure on the exact number, but I think it was around 40.  And if that wasn’t daunting enough, there were gifts and gift bags literally packed from one end of the huge room to another.  I have never in my life seen so many presents together in one place!  It took three hours just to open all the presents.  The down side of all those presents (if there can be a downside :-)) was that I spent to much time opening presents that I never got to chat to everyone who was there and it felt a little like I was only interested in what people had brought for our babies.  But the reality was that what made the day most special was all those people were there celebrating with love our little medical miracle twins.  All those people were there to share our joy and that is what I will take away as the most precious memory.  There were practical gifts and cute gifts and really special thought out gifts and one’s which were hand made with so much love.  Needless to say there were plenty of tears too.

Then my hubby overwhelmed me again on Tuesday night.  We were out to dinner with some of the family (Chris’ and mine) and he arrived with a little gift bag.  In it was a stunning eternity ring.  He always said that I would get an eternity ring when I delivered his third son, but remember that was when we believed we would never have our own biological kids.  To really understand how precious that ring is you need to understand some of the symbolism.  My engagement ring (chosen entirely by Chris) is yellow gold with a beautiful diamond in it.  My wedding ring is rose gold and we always said the eternity ring would complete the set in white gold.  Well this eternity ring completes the set even better than that – it is all three golds, in three rings which are joined together.  The white gold band is covered in tiny little diamond chips and for me represents our eternity together.  But each of the rose gold and yellow gold bands has one little diamond on it to represent each of our precious twins.  The three together symbolise the completion of our family.  How many men would think of all that when choosing a ring?

So you are now doubt wondering how the twins are doing.  They are both doing brilliantly – both weighing in at over 2kgs now, which is really awesome as it means that they are both still ahead of the curve for singletons and their growth has not slowed down, which is typical by this stage in most twin pregnancies.  They still both have plenty of fluid and are moving a lot (my favourite thing ever, but I think I’ve said that before).  We can’t see my cervix as our baby girl is sat on it, but it seems to be hanging in very well.  The only problem remains my blood pressure which is high, but being monitored.  There is no protien in my urine, my blood count and glucose tests continue to come back normal, so all is going strong still.

The doctor has now warned me at our last two appointments that I MUST be ready to dash to the hospital, because I am so big it is likely my waters will break before we reach our c-sec date (C-Day).  In fact I had to laugh at the OB on Tuesday, when I walked into his rooms, he looked at me and said “sjoe Juanita you are big!  Are you okay?”  But he did go on to say that if we can make it to 34 weeks there is a strong possibility that these babies will only need oxygen and no specialist care.  That was music to my ears and 34 weeks is just over one week away.  Personally though I am still hoping to make it to 36 weeks, for me that is the magic number and every day after that is simply a bonus.

As for me, the hugeness is extremely uncomfortable.  I can’t lie and say it’s all wonderful.  I am in pain a lot of the time now.  Sitting really hurts, lying down makes my hips ache, standing is almost impossible and when I walk it feels as though my pubic bone is going to just break and my tummy is going to burst and the babies are going to fall out.  So obviously I am pretty sedantary and have had this awesome set of family visitors who run around after me, making me tea and looking after everything that needs doing.

And then in a quiet moment I lie still and feel the movement of our babies and think about where we were and how far we have come and the miracle of life that is happening and just how much our lives are about to change, and I am filled with such overwhelming joy and wonder that how can this experience be anything but wonderful.

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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12 Responses to Overwhelming

  1. Melanie says:

    So touched by your news and by your total joy! Looking forward to your post-delivery post already!

  2. mrssee2 says:

    Sending lots of love to both of you. I am thrilled to hear things are going well. Hope you can hold out for a few more days, although the pain sounds horrendous! I can’t wait to see the first pics!

  3. samcy says:

    Oh Nita, how awesome that you had the most amazing Babie’s Shower surrounded by those who love you and those kids you have growing inside you.

    I can only imagine how uncomfy and sore you are by now – I was really sore with a singleton at the end. You are doing SO well and I can only say that I for one CANNOT wait to meet these special babes soon.

    Take care of yourself and keep us posted of any developments.

    Much love

  4. That post had me in tears !!
    You are doing amazingly well J. Congrats and hat off ….
    Not much else to say since I am also in the “overwhelmed phase” most of the time, so just wordless and sincere ((hugs)) !!

  5. Sweets says:

    You are doing so great.

    I cannot wait to meet them.

    Thank you so much for having me at your shower, it has been a great honour sharing in your journey.


  6. Natalie says:

    The ring sounds so beautiful and sentimental. What a thoughtful and wonderful man. It sounds like he will be the absolute best father. The shower sounds amazing as well. Just a few more weeks. Before you know it you will have those two sweet babies in your arms!

  7. teejay says:

    Great job keeping those babies in there. I was worried when you hadn’t posted anything for a while. Glad to know they are still baking away. I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable…I know carrying twins is difficult but it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job.

    And your shower sounds like it was perfect…aside from you not getting to chat as much as you would have liked. Any chance you’ll be posting pictures of the decorations?

    Hang in there a little while longer, babies! Mommy wants to meet you but she wants you nice and healthy.

    You are doing a great job and I hope you get to that 36 week mark that you want.

  8. Emily Erin says:

    I, too, was worried that the twins had made an appearance when you didn’t post. I’m so glad that you’re hanging in there and I really hope that you make it to your goal of 36 weeks! I had a friend who made it to full term with her boys: http://tinyurl.com/5wl4ddv I hope that your discomfort subsides soon (but not to soon!).

  9. Cam says:

    Oh Nita – you have done so so well!!! Sorry you are in such discomfort…but it all goes away when the babies come out. I cannot wait for our first tea meeting with our twins. Am thinking of you so much and so excited for you and DH – you have no idea what is about to happen to your heart! If you thought you felt love now…just wait lol xxxx

  10. Katherine says:

    So glad you made it to your wonderful baby shower. Sure time must be dragging by extremely slowly now but just like the morning sickness of those first few months, it will be instantly forgotten the moment you meet those precious babies. Will hold thumbs they stay put long enough so that they can go home with you.

  11. Crazytwinmomma says:

    Just discovered your blog…always enjoy connecting with other twin mommies. I remember well how those last weeks felt. Hang in there. I actually made it to 37 weeks with mine, not a sign of labor before my C/S so it is possible! I followed you on twitter too. Drop me a line with any questions you might have as their arrival gets closer!

  12. D says:

    I remember the day that you got your beta results and I have followed your journey throughout. Your story brings me so much hope…but ultimately I am just so thrilled that a couple that has struggled so much with this IF stuff are finally going to get their family! So so happy for you!

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