Discounted Days

Thank you to all who left such warm encouraging messages on yesterday’s sad cry for help blog post.  You cannot begint o know how much it does actually help to hear those kinds words.

Yesterday was a bit of a better day, it’s all relative and I decided I would see how the night went before deciding whether to speak to the OB about an earlier date.  So last night a bath and another amazing foot massage from Chris and we turned out the lights.  At exactly midnight I woke up with contractions!  YES Time at last, the babies were takign the decision away from me.  I dozed off waiting for the second contraction, but was woken up 17 minutes later with another one.  I thought great, now I can make sure they are getting longer stronger and closer together before I wake up Chris to take us to the hospital.  Next contraction came only 7 minutes later and I was thrilled, but I still wasn’t 100% convinced it wasn’t just Braxton Hicks.  The next contraction was about 11 minutes later and less strong and I realised the babies were not on their way.  On the plus side I never made a fool of myself, I resisted the urge to destroy another night of sleep for Chris and I even managed to get some sleep afterwards.

But when I woke up this morning still feeling like a house and in pain I decided that the person who said I was a mother not a martyr was right and I should call the doc.  So at 8.00am I was on the phone to the OB.  His receptionist was great asking how I was and I said struggling could I talk to the doc.  She must have heard someting in my voice, because I was put straight through.  I think he heard the depseration straight away.  I did resist the urge to beg him to take the babies out, I just said “I’m really struggling” and straight away he had some suggestions.

He started by checking my dates and said he was not at all keen to get the babies out now, he said we could do an amnio to check their lung function and if everything okay we could do the c-sec, but the risks of an amnio at this stage just not worth it.  He said he did not want to do the c-sec until 37 weeks (7 November by his calculation) and suggested booking me into hospital for the next 10 days so they can put me on a drip which can ease my pain and increase comfort levels and where they can monitor me more closely.  I said I was really not that keen unless it was necessary as no matter how uncomfortable I am sure I will be more comfortable at home.  So he said he could prescribe some things to help me get through.  First off he has prescribed some sleeping tablets which he swears are 100% fine for the babies so much so that if I am really struggling I can take the sleeping pills during the day too to help keep me more comfortable.  He has also prescribed some pain meds and some nasal spray to help me breathe.  Funny enough he knew exactly what I needed most without even asking what the worst part was.

So I agreed to take the drugs (yes this is the same me who believes in everything as drug free and natural as possible) and I figure if I can get some sleep and I can breathe I can make the next 10 days.

So our next OB appointment is on Monday to check everything again, but chances are looking very good my c-sec will now be on the 7th Nov!  I would say that htat is just 10 sleeps away, but the reality is that if I sleep during the day and with the number of times I get up during the night it’s probably a lot more than 10 sleeps, but 10 days away sounds bearable.

Amazingly just knowing the end is a little closer and knowing that there is something I can take for some relief has me feeling a lot better already.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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13 Responses to Discounted Days

  1. cstellelle says:

    Good luck for the last few days, sound like the end is near!!! you are going to enjoy it sooooo much> Good luck!!!

  2. Kitty8218 says:

    Only 10 more sleeps to go! Good on you for phoning the doc xxx

  3. Gwen says:

    That sounds like a great solution. If things get worse again then think about the hospital option – I spent 2-3 days in hospital while I was pregnant because I put my back out, and as much as I hate being in hospital the utter relief when the pain went away was profound. I spent most of my time there asleep and it did me no end of good. 10 days sounds like a long time, but perhaps when you get down to 5 days or less it will seem less of a burden. Wow, only 10 days to go! Hope you have your sleeping tablets and you’re already having a nice long nap.

  4. Sam says:

    Good on you for caling the doc and getting the sound advice and meds that you need to get thru the next 10 days (or sooner!).

    Just knowing that you have a date in mind, will def help to get u thru too! SO EXCITING 🙂


  5. Hallo there! I just discovered you on the living and loving blogroll. Oh I really know how you feel. My twins were born at 37 weeks 1 day at 2,92 and 3,02 kg each. And gosh, the last two weeks was so tough. You have brought back so many memories. All the best – I will be thinking about you and if you need some support, pop me a mail. And if you want to read about the boys and their birth, there is a “story of us” section in my side bar – the last two items on it.

  6. darylfaure says:

    I think your Doc sounds like a very wise man. My good friends twins were born at 36 weeks weighing 2.6 and 2.5kg,s but they still spent over a week in the NICU because they were still struggling a bit with breathing and needed to learn to suck properly, so if you can make it to 37weeks, hopefully your babes will not need any NICU time and can come straight home with you.

  7. Bratty says:

    Hi Juanita, so excited that a date has been confirmed. You have done so well carrying your little angels. I am super excited that you will meet your little Angels one day before Jadakins birthday (8th Nov). Two little Scorpios…wow…..
    Jadakins was born at 36 weeks weighing in at 2.9 kgs and did not need any oxygen..although her sugar levels were very low and the first 48 hours were touch and go as to whether they should put her in NICU….fortunately the nurses gave her formula which rectified the sugar levels.
    Wishing you all the best for the next ten days…..put a chart up on your Fridge and cross off the days. It helped me get through the last few days(keeping in mind I was in hospital 4 days before her birth for the 2nd period of prem labour..and trust me it was boring …played Monolopy the whole day with my B and ate from the local take away every day)
    Thinking of you…

  8. Hope you can make it till 37 weeks. I am glad that your Doc takes good care of your twins and yourself and that he is giving you something to make you feel OK ! I believe that this can, psychologically, make a lot of difference when you know someone care for you and hears you !!
    Just imagine if your LOs can make it without NICU time, that will be fabulous too !! I am glad that the end is in sight, Keep going J. !! You are almost there !!
    Hope the pills are soo good, you just sleep until c-section date !!

  9. Heather says:

    Oh I’m glad you phoned and now have some pills to help! Thinking of you.
    By the way I read this today about Mariah Carey who had hers at 35 weeks. So you are doing better than her! Feel superior now!

  10. Jem says:

    I’m so glad you asked for help! Keep taking good care of yourself. I highly recommend a humidifier, if you don’t already have one.

  11. Katherine says:

    You’re down to 9 ‘sleeps’ now, SINGLE DIGITS!!! You’ve done so well, my money’s on them coming straight home with you. The bigger they are, the stronger their suck, the more they can take in a single feed which all equals the MORE THEY CAN SLEEP!! And with them on the outside you should then be able to sleep like a baby!! Every uncomfortable second will be worth it.

  12. Rebecca says:

    One day at a time… the countdown is on! (and who knows, maybe the decision WILL be out of your hands in the days to follow… 😉

  13. AuntieA says:

    I just got caught up on your blog- wow how I LOVE reading a great azoo success story! Congratulatios on your twins and best wishes!!!

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