Some Precious Memories

I was so bad about blogging there for a while, while I figured out whether I was going to keep it up and while I got the hang of being a Mommy and I never documented some very special memories.  I want to catch them before they all fade.

I mentioned that Sausage has started rolling over in his sleep and waking himself up.  It is very sweet and when I walk in their room in the early hours of the morning to reapply the dummy and he is lying on his back, his little face looks up at me with the cutest smile of excitement and hope.  I think he is hoping I will play with him, but I roll him over, put the dummy in his mouth and put a bean bag on his back.  You will be wondering about the bean bag, but what he wants to go back to sleep is a hand on his back reassuring him that Mommy is there, so the bean bag makes him think it is my hand applying gentle pressure, when really I have snuck back to my bed to grab what sleep I can before he moans for his dummy again.  There are mornings (this is now a part of our 5.00-5.30 routine) when I am exhausted and I find myself moaning as I get out of bed, but at the same time it is so cute and so special and I love that he feels the need for me.  I also love that I have tricked him.  (Am I a bad mother for tricking him? LOL)

Pudding is a Daddy’s girl.  It is so cute watching her little face when Chris gets home in the afternoons.  She hears his voice and her little face lights up, she gets a sparkle in her eye and starts looking around for him, then when she sees him she smiles so wide that it looks like the top half of her face is going to flip right off.  She crinkles her nose and smiles with her whole face and body as her shoulders come up and she honestly has a smile that could light up the whole world.  The other night I was trying to put her to sleep so she had her head on my shoulder, then looking up and every time she spotted her Daddy, who was trying to put Sausage to sleep, she gave him her special grin and I literally had to face her away from Chris to even have a hope of her going to sleep.

Pudding also has this weird thing where she wants to suck on your face.  I am half convinced she is trying to kiss us.  But at certain times when you hold her she turns her little face to yours, opens her mouth and latches on to whichever part of your face she can reach.  Normally cheek, jaw or chin.  The other day she sucked so hard I ended up with a hicky from her on my jaw line.  She does it on Chris too and when he hasn’t shaved she gets this funny look on her face from the prickles of his stubble, but she keeps trying.

After his antics in the early hours, Sausage normally settles back down for half an hour or so until around 6.15, then he wants up.  He is normally awake for about 15-30 minutes before his sleepy head sister wakes up too.  During this time he has special play session with Dad, while I express, shower brush teeth etc.  He is so full of beans in the early morning, laughing and shouting in joy.  I love watching their special play session as Sausage bends his knees then kicks off to jump up and down, bouncing in his joy.  Hi is such a high energy little guy and I think he is going to run us ragged once he is mobile.

This weekend has been the first full weekend where neither Chris nor I had to do some work since the twins arrival and it was such a special family weekend with visits to Nan and Grandad (MIL & FIL), a birthday party and dinner with friends.  I have found myself so totally overwhelmed this weekend by how privileged my life is.  How special it is to have my husband to share this journey, these awesome little beings to watch experience life and my friends and family and life in general which is so awesome.  Some days I really have to pinch myself that all this is mine.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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5 Responses to Some Precious Memories

  1. Its so lovely isn’t it. 🙂

  2. Teejay says:

    What sweet memories you have. Those babies are so special. I’m so glad that you are able to enjoy these times.

  3. Heather says:

    Sounds very cute 🙂 I’m glad you are so happy.

  4. Enjoy your beautiful reality and life with your loved ones. It is so, so special !! I have to pinch myself as well and when I fully realize it, I start to cry …

  5. Sam says:

    It is so special to enjoy those precious memories… I hear you on the realisation hitting of how damn lucky you are… I often glance over at K and when his faces breaks into the hugest smile when he see’s me I find myself thinking “how on earth did this happen to me?”… It’s sobering stuff indeed!

    PS–> I wish I had thought of the bean bag trick! I’m so gonna use that one SOON so I can grab a few more minutes sleep 😉

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