Emerging Little People

I mentioned how I am missing my tiny babies.  Don’t get me wrong I do not miss the colic, it broke my heart not being able to soothe my little Sausage.  I do not miss being so sleep deprived that I couldn’t remember whether I had fed them or not.  I relish their growing independance as it has made taking care of them so much easier.  But I miss all the snuggliness of a tiny baby who just wants nothing else in the world but to be with her Mommy.

Those tiny babes have transformed so quickly into these emerging little people, with blossoming personalities and independance and a sense of what THEY want.  These little people are such unbelievable FUN.

They are crawling everywhere and so fast now that I struggle to keep up with them especially if they head off in different directions.  Pulling up is old hat already and they are starting to let go and try to stand alone!  I am such a proud Mamma at how well they are progressing through their milestones.  Sorry I have to take a moment to brag totally unashamedly and I know that these things simply do not matter one iota and are not in any way an indication of how smart they are or will be in the future, but proud Mamma has to brag…

We recently started Moms and Babes Workshop and their classes are split into age groups, TinyBabes 2-5 months; Babes 5-8 months; BusyBabes 8-11 months and BabyTots, 11-14 months.  Mine were only just 8 months when the classes started and the Woman running the workshops suggested that perhaps they belonged in the Babes class rather than Busy Babes as she didn’t want them left behind.  We discussed the milestones they had achieved at 8 months (crawling properly, pulling up, Pudding’s awesome pincer grip and Sausages use of a word, both wave hello and bye on cue) and she said okay they probably did belong in the Busy Babes class.  So we arrived for our first session and besides Pudding and Sausage there were three other babies.  A little boy at close on 9 months, a girl of 10 months and another girl at 11 months.  My two are the only ones in the class crawling!  My Sausage is the only one with a word (well 2 now).  As I say, I know this doesn’t matter, but ridiculous as it is, it brings out my (horrible) competitive spirit and makes me swell with pride at how well my little babes are progressing.  Having said all that the Moms and Babes workshop is brilliant and they are learning and developing so many other skills and they seem to absolutely LOVE it.

They are so completely different in almost every way and then there are the similarities.  Pudding in blonde with blue eyes, Sausage brown hair and HUGE brown eyes.  Sausage is a cuddle bug and loves playing close to you, Pudding is little miss independance and wants already to do everything herself.  She is strong willed and I think a little too much like her Mamma and is going to give us the grey hairs.  They both love to sing and take their cups or balls and sing against them moving the toys to change the sound.  Sausage is a smiler and a charmer with a smile that will melt your heart and open doors for him.  Having said that Sausage is weary of male strangers and has been since his 5 days in hospital with the urinary tract infection.  I think he associates that horrid time with our poor paediatrician who really is a sweety and now all new men are to be watched, but once he has decided they are okay the charm comes out again.  Pudding is a little frowner and stares at new people assessing them before she will smile for them, but she has learnt to kiss, puckering up her little lips and kissing at you when the mood takes her.  They love to kiss each other and some of my favourite memories are mornings in bed when they finish their bottle sit up, look at each other and lean in for a kissie!  Of course it’s open mouthed like this.


They both love to pull hair and I often think they would play together much better if they were bald babies.  we are working on teaching them what gentle means and it is improving, but we have to watch them.

Pudding loves loves loves her thumb, initially it was just a bedtime, going to sleep thing, but she has started sucking her thumb whenever she is a little insecure or looking for comfort.  Sausage is in love with his dummy, which lives in the cot so it is only a bedtime item.  But they are both crazy about their bunnies.  Pudding just sees her bunny and rubs her face with it and puts her thumb in her mouth, cutest thing ever.  Sausage has his dummy attached to his bunny’s ear and loves to cuddle with it sucking so hard on the dummy it leaves a ring around his mouth.  Thank heavens he has learnt how to find his dummy by himself now and mostly finds it and soothes himself back to sleep during the night now.

What an awesome adventure we are on watching and guiding these little people’s development.


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Emerging Little People

  1. Fabulous Mommy says:

    It is amazing how quickly things happen now. At 8 months both boys are crawling, Lion Cub says mama and Monkey also said mama today. They make a lot of talking noises now. They pull themselves up against everything, it is nerve wrecking.

    I don’t really miss the tiny baby phase. I found it really hard. I’m loving how they are now. It is so amazing watching them grow and learn.

    I LOVE the kissies photo! Too cute! Where does Pudding’s fair colouring come from? They have such beautiful hair. My boys are still mostly bald.

  2. Sam says:

    They are growing so quickly and are doing SO well Nita. You have every right to be proud. Enjoy the rest of the adventure!


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  4. Maryna says:

    “Sorry I have to take a moment to brag totally unashamedly and I know that these things simply do not matter one iota and are not in any way an indication of how smart they are or will be in the future..”

    Haha! That’s what those silly professionals say, J – but surely as a mommy you know better? ;-D

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