10 months and milestones

Okay, time to eat my words, I said I would probably not write monthly updates on how the twins are doing, but they are really moving ahead in leaps and bounds now and I just have to share with you how exciting the journey of parenting them is getting.  I have to just say I love this age.  This phase is such an adventure and that is exactly what our little munchkins are doing adventuring.

Their mobility is so much fun.  They wake in the morning, drink a little milk (they seem to have totally lost interest in drinking milk except at bed time), then lean over to give each other a kissie and then they are off.  We are trying very hard to teach them how to climb down off the bed, but so far they seem to still prefer the crawl off the edge approach.  Poor Sausage fell off the bed a few weeks back – he was crawling top speed to get away from Chris who was trying to undress him for the bath and just crawled straight off the end of the bed, sliding down a bag which was right there on his nose.  Poor boy cried big crocodile tears, and had the cutest shiny nose before the scab set in.  But it hasn’t slowed him down.

One of their favourite places to play is in our bathroom.  Sausage loves the plunger (don’t worry it has never been in a toilet) and sings into the round bit.  Pudding is obsessed with unpacking all the towels and turning the electronic scale on and off.  Lately they also love to stand against the shower door and watch us shower, kissing us through the glass.

They pretty much started pulling up at the same time they started crawling (three months ago), which means they started cruising pretty soon after crawling and so crawling has largely been a means of getting to something to pull up on.  Except when they have races down the passage.  At first Pudding was so much more confident crawling (she crawled almost two weeks before Sausage) and would crawl ahead of him and then wait for him to catch up – too cute.  But now Sausage is a little maniac.  His crawling style is so much like a new born turtle, you know the way thay do that mad dash for the water after hatching?  Crazy fast and slapping those little hands down on the floor.  Pudding is a little lady and so controlled.  Now it is him often waiting for her to catch up down the passage.  Pudding learnt to climb the very first thing she found in our house that was low enough for her to get her leg onto (a picnic basket) and now she is already coping with getting up the few stairs in our garden.  Of course she has no idea how to get back down off of things, so moans until you help her.

Pretty Pudding
Just want to kiss her all over

Surprisingly and rather unusually I think Sausage was way ahead of his sister in the talking department, he said his first word the day Pudding crawled for the first time nearly 3 months ago, “Dada”, followed a couple of weeks later by “Mama” and then (which took us a while to work out) “Mba” for Simba ( the mural onthe wall and the soft toy) and most recently he says “uh-uh” with a shake of head for No (yes he hears that a lot because he is into everything).

And so we have been saying that Pudding would only speak when she had a whole sentence ready.  Well Monday she decided it was time to be heard.  It started with a game of hide and seek with her Daddy and every time she lifted her head to see him she said “Dada”.  Later in the afternoon our au pair took out a banana for them and she looked at it and said “nana” and then when saying goodbye to the au pair that evening, she waved her little hand and said “tata”.  No messing around three words in one day.  My clever little lady!

Beautiful Pudding
Looking at the birds

Yesterday I was saying to someone how I was certain that Sausage would be walking within the month as he seems so close, cruises beautifully, letting go with one hand before grabbing with the other, brief periods, getting longer, of him standing unassisted.  Then yesterday afternoon I was drinking a ginger beer and both the Hope Babes were clamering for some and because I am trying so very hard to keep them away from the junk, we passed them their rooibos tea in a cup to drink instead.  Sausage came up to me, pulled up to standing and reached for his cup, first with one hand then the other, standing drinking holding onto nothing.  He stood like that for a good while before he lost his balance and took two steps towards me.  I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat, but it didn’t seem right to call it his first steps when he actually just lost his balance.  So we stood him up about half a metre away from me and I called him (with the ginger beer he was after) and he reached out and took two steps towards me to grab the ginger beer!  WHOOO HOO!  My boy took his first steps.

Mobile Sausage
Hanging under the dining room table

And yes I gave in and rewarded him with the ginger beer he was after.  I hear you all saying how food should never be a reward and how I shouldn’t be giving them fizzy drinks, much less drinks with sugar in, but they really do eat so healthily all the time that an occassional treat should be fine, shouldn’t it, please say yes, because I am wracked by mommy guilt, when there is space for it around the mommy pride.

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