Developmental Strides

Life has been too hectic to blog, and it seems like now so much has happened that I am really not too sure where to start with an update.  The twins are doing brilliantly and are learning and developing so fast now it completely blows my mind.  I cannot believe that in less than three weeks they will be one years old.

I find that the last few weeks I have been very nostalgic about this time last year, the final days of my pregnancy and the total awesomeness of having two healthy perfect babies growing and kicking inside me.  If I had known then how sad I would be to never get to be pregnant again, I think I may have held off on that c-section and tried to keep them in a few more weeks or until they decided it was time to get out.  Of course I can only say that because time has helped me forget the reality of just how HUGE and uncomfortable I was.

Our poor babies have not really been very well.  Little Sausage has now been in hospital FIVE times in his very short life.  First time they were both in at just 4 days old with Jaundice, no big deal, not unusual and they were only in for less than 24 hours.  Then Sausage was back at just three months old with a Urinary Tract Infection, that was five days in hospital and far too many tests on my poor boy to ensure there was no underlying issue which had caused the UTI – he got the all clear.  Then at six months they were both back with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) a respiratory virus which can be very dangerous in young babies and which leaves kids at high risk for ongoing respiratory issues for up to five years afterwards – joy!  Four days in hospital.

Then at 9 months Sausage was back in AGAIN.  This was by far the scariest of our illnesses.  He started spiking fevers and then started violent projectile vomiting.  Even the strongest suppositories were only bringing his fever down for a couple of hours before it was back up high again.  We rushed him into hospital and when the nurses saw him they took him straight out my arms, stripped him down and stuck him in a cool bath.  The doc feared Meningitis and my poor boy was again subjected to an invasive procedure this time a lumber puncture.  I was terrified and I have NEVER seen either of my kids so ill and listless and I just held him in my arms constantly.  Anyway just after the lumber puncture his ear started leaking fluid and we had our answer, he had a severe ear infection and it had perforated his ear drum eventually.  We had NO sign of this until the leakage.  Nothing, the doc could see fluid on his ear, but nothing suggesting the severity of the infection, he also had mild tonsillitis.  Anyway another four days in hospital and then the all clear.

Then at the beginning of the month Pudding was rushed into the Emergency Room after she just crawled off the bed (I swear she was next to me one second and in less than half a second she was on the other side of the bed and off and on the floor).  She fell on her head and screamed her lungs out!  I remembered enough not to move her while I examined her, but once she was up all she wanted to do was sleep.  It freaked me out completely so off we went to get her thoroughly checked.  A thorough examination and a couple of x-rays and she was given the all clear, so never even spent a night in the hospital.  Then less than a week later we were back in the Emergency room with Sausage with bad gastro.  At some point in the past my Paediatrician had said that seven was the magic number, if they had seven or more runny poos in a 24 hour period they were at risk of dehydration and we should get them to the hospital.  Well by 11am that morning we had 7 runny nappies and projectile vomiting.  The hospital admitted him, and put him on a drip immediately as he was dehydrated.  Luckily the gastro cleared up very quickly and he was re-hydrated within 24 hours so we only spent one night in the hospital.

The paediatrician who treated Sausage (our normal paed was away) on this last stay said we should be glad at least he was in with something different every time as it means he doesn’t have one ongoing issue.  But to me it shows a very poor immune system, so when we see our paed for their 12 month check I will be quizzing him on what we can do to boost both their immune systems.  But we are all healthy again, please let it last now that summer is finally arriving!

On the bright side, none of this illness has slowed these two with their development milestones.

One week (almost to the minute) after Sausage took his first steps Pudding was up too and had taken her first few steps.  This time the temptation was bubbles she was trying to reach them.  So cute!  Someone at work said that within a week of them taking their first steps they would be walking, but five weeks later we still ‘just’ had two babes who would take a couple of steps if they were put on their feet and really persuaded to walk, so we left them to it and stopped trying to bribe them to walk, I am trying hard (and don’t always succeed) to not push them.  Then two days ago, they both just started standing up, without pulling up on something, just standing from sitting and then taking a couple of tentative steps.  And last night it seemed to me we should probably say they are walking.  They are both up to 5 steps and Pudding has (once) taken seven steps.  This is walking without us persuading them to do it, walking just to get where they want to go!  I am so excited.  Those little tentative steps are the cutest thing ever, so wobbly, Pudding concentrates so hard and Sausage gets overexcited and just falls over, but the progress seems to suddenly be so quick!  I always hoped we would have walking babes by their birthday party (as I have bought Pudding a cute dress and it seems wrong to make her try crawl in a dress) and it looks like we might just be there.

And the boundaries are being tested.  Pudding is especially pushing me.  Yes we have had two full blown toddler tantrums!  And I mean full blown, throw ourselves on the ground, cry crocodile tears, scream and lash out in anger tantrums.  The first one wasn’t too bad.  They have not really been drinking their milk lately so I thought I would try put their formula into tea for their first drink of the day and see if I could get them to drink more milk.  So the Sunday morning, when they wake up I go and make them rooibos tea and put their formula in it.  I had also bought them a new cup and bottle each the day before, so I serve the tea in the new cup.  Pudding grabs the cup, takes a swig and throws the cup across the bed (Luckily a non-spill cup) and burst into inconsolable tears.  I say to Chris, she obviously doesn’t like the new cup, I’ll put the tea in the new sippy bottle which they liked, so I pour the tea into the bottle and hand it to her.  She grabs the bottle takes a big swig and throws the bottle across the bed bursting into tears.  So I bring her some plain formula and she guzzles it up no problem.  She simply didn’t like or want the tea and didn’t know any other way to tell me.  Fair enough I figure and don’t think too much of it.

A week later she threw a complete frothy because I said no when she squeezed her fruit squeezy and made a fountain with it.  This time she was inconsolable and alternated between giving me huge hugs and sobbing and then throwing herself on the floor.  I really didn’t know at all what to do, I just gave her comfort and tried to calm her down and eventually resorted to the TV to distract her from her upset.  I was stunned and have since been advised I should ignore her tantrums completely, but luckily so far we haven’t had a recurrence.

As for talking, the strides are unbelievable, is it possible that my kids have so many words already?


  • Dada
  • Mamma
  • Nanan (Nan for his Granny)
  • Kaka (my silly sister wants us to refer to her as Aunty Kaka and he is saying Kaka quite well)
  • Mba (Simba from the Lion King)
  • Ta (please)
  • Bye
  • Haaai (Hi)
  • Caa (Car – his new absolute favourite toy is a ride on car my uncle spoilt them with one each!)


  • Dada
  • Mamma
  • Ta (please)
  • Bye
  • Gggg (Gemsbok, we have a big picture of a Gemsbok (Oryx) over our fire place, but she also uses this sound to refer to any picture so I think maybe she isn’t saying Gemsbok, but rather thinks pictures are Gemsbok.  Also gggg can refer to a goggo (Bug of any sort)
  • Baba (I am pretty sure she means brother as she uses this to refer to Sausage)
  • Ded (pretty close to Sausage’s name)
  • Ba (ball)

But they are also trying to mimic almost every sound we make and so have ‘said’ other words just copying what we say, but not of their own accord and not necessarily referring to the item, so I don’t think these count as words.  Their understanding of words that they cannot say yet astounds me, they really seem to understand so much of what we say now.

Their latest favourite game is passing items between themselves and anyone else willing to play saying “Ta”.  So Pudding with see something in my hand and say “Ta”, I hand it to her, then Sausage holds out his hand and says “Ta” and she passes it to him saying “Ta”, then He says “Ta” and passes it to me, I have to say “Ta” too.  And so it goes, around and around back and forth, so cute.  Sometimes they think that saying “ta” will allow them to have things they are not allowed at all, like if I say “Ta” I can touch the speaker wires.  Also sometimes, they will offer you something and say “Ta” but then not let go.

“Ta” – we share everything

Pudding is also making great strides in self-feeding.  She has figured out how to get the spoon to her mouth, but filling the spoon is still a little more challenging, often resulting in simply throwing the spoon away, tipping the food onto the tray and using hands.  Sausage thinks that bowls are for drinking out of.

Yummy – self-feeding is a messy business

Drinking our food is much easier than the silly spoon

Sometimes I am still so overwhelmed by how blessed we are with these two perfect little babes.  The other morning we picked them out the cots and as we sat in bed with them, I had a silent little cry of pure joy at this amazing life I have.

Gorgeous Babes enjoying a visit to the beach

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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Developmental Strides

  1. So sorry they have been sick and had to spend few days in the hospital- I can’t imagine how scary that was for you all. Their game of ‘Ta’ sounds so darn cute 🙂 Isn’t this such a fun age? They are truely adorable. Keep enjoying your 2 precious babies!

  2. They are doing so very very well. Ai and yes, the RSV thing – Our C kept asthma due to that and being second born twin but at 5 he has allmost outgrown it. So keep an eye out for that.

  3. They are doing very well. Well done. The walking is so cute and the process to get there has been facinating to watch. I also have a little teary moment when I think about our little miracle. How BLESSED we are.

  4. Sam says:

    Lets hope the health issues are a thing of the past and that your paed can give you GREAT solutions to boost those immune systems. They are getting TOO big and TOO cute for their own good!


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