A year and a half (the Cuteness Edition)

The problem with blogging so seldom is when I finally make the time, I find myself with so much to say.

People keep asking, what is the best age so far and I keep responding “this stage”.  I remember one of my besties telling me when the twins were tiny that it really does just keep getting better.  I knew she was only saying that because her boy was just over a year and she had to make herself feel better that he was no longer at the awesome stage my babes were at.  Well she was right, they really do just keep getting better and better.  And I have to say that right now I cannot fathom how they can get better than they are right now.  Every day there is something new and I swear we are dying of cuteness overload here.  Please forgive what is about to follow, I AM one of THOSE mothers who has to go on and on about her kids and how they are the smartest, cutest, prettiest etc etc.  And I am absolutely fine with being that mother, if you don’t want to read all about my perfect babies look away now.

Both Chris and I pretty much make a living through talking.  No neither of us is in sales, but our jobs require us to talk, a LOT, and so it was inevitable that our two would be little chatter boxes, but they astound me every day.  I have stopped counting words (I just can’t keep up), but they each have over 200 words!  And Pudding (typical girl) is especially vocal, but Sausage only a tiny step behind.  I’ve read that twins can be delayed in speech because they develop their own language, instead our two seem to have shared out the dictionary and each is responsible for learning different words and coming back and teaching the other.  And with two such vocal kids you can imagine that more than our fair share of cuteness comes from the things that come out of their mouths.

Pudding came out with a full sentence a few weeks ago “I don’t want it” and boy does she say it perfectly with this posh little accent!  I have no idea where the poshness came from, but of course with that sentence she has taken charge of her world.  When she doesn’t want to eat what’s on offer… “I don’t want it”, when she doesn’t want to bath, go to bed, brush her teeth, put a pony tail in her hair, or anything else you can imagine… “I don’t want it”.  She also gets the cutest expression on her little face when she says it which seems like she is looking at you thinking and you are being very unreasonable expecting that of me, and why would you ask that!  She is a real little madam, knows her mind, has no problem expressing it and has no qualms about trying to get everyone else to do her bidding too.  She is extremely attached to her brother and is not happy if he goes out without her.  When she wakes up from her nap, if she wakes before him, she calls him and you can hear him saying “uh uh” (as in no), but she perseveres until he wakes up properly.

Every morning when they wake up, I go into their room and open the curtains, Sausage sits up and says “heywoo woorl” (hello world).  And that pretty much sums up his current disposition, open and warm.  He really is a little ray of sunshine, he really is mostly a very easy going kid, who loves people and cuddles.  We had a play date with some friends on Saturday and when they arrived he didn’t recognise them (not friends we see very often), but he went up to the little boy, pointed and said “friend”.  At the aquarium last week he went up to some random little girl and gave her a big kiss.  He is a real ladies man too and at a recent wedding he walked up behind a young woman in a very short skirt and just happily copped a feel of her thighs LOL!  She called him a baby pervert and his Daddy said you got to do that now while you can still get away with it.

Together they alternate between being loving towards each other and being typical siblings screaming at each other, pulling hair, pushing, pinching and even biting from time to time.  We are trying to teach them to take turns and so they will each go down the slide and then rush around to the stairs to climb again shouting “turn turn” as if saying it will make it true, and god help the other one if they get in the way.  We’ve had to start time out in the naughty corner already to try to deal with the fighting (only when they resort to violence) and so Pudding has regularly sent Sausage to the “cono” if he does anything she doesn’t approve of.  The funniest thing is if for example Sausage is in the corner for something, Pudding will go over and sit with him and if she is crying he will go stroke her hair to make it better all the while saying “cying” over and over again.  He does this even if she is in the corner for hurting him? Speaking of the corner, Sausage was being particularly mischievous the other day and was sent to the corner for the same thing twice.  After he came out the second time he dragged a toy into the corner and then went and did the same thing again which had got him sent to the corner in the first place.  It was as though he was making sure the corner wasn’t going to be boring if he got sent there again.  I really have no idea if this time out thing is going to work on them if they insist on keeping each other company.

They are very jealous of each other, but also incredibly protective of each other.  At the same play date, their friend Kyra got hold of Pudding’s bunny (her bunny is her comfort item and she is VERY attached).  Well Kyra took off with the bunny and while Pudding was following Kyra around, she didn’t make any attempt to actually take it back.  Kyra is five months younger and I think Pudding may have felt weary of getting in trouble for messing with the younger one.  Anyway Sausage had no such hesitation, he walked up to Kyra, grabbed the bunny off her and handed it to Pudding.  And then he looked at Kyra as if to say, “that’s my sister, don’t mess with her.”  The bunny incident was doubly funny because for the rest for the day, Pudding kept saying “Kyra, Bunny” with this very distressed look on her face and when we couldn’t find her bunny that evening, she was insistent that “Kyra Bunny Gone” (Kyra was gone with her bunny).

They both know their name and respond to the right name, something I was so worried about when we gave them such similar names, but if you ask either of them what their name is they both give Sausages name.  And Pudding is very insistent that her name is Sausage’s name.  The cutest thing is that Sausage seems to want to introduce her to other kids and whenever they encounter other kids that they don’t know, Sausage points to Pudding and says his name?

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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2 Responses to A year and a half (the Cuteness Edition)

  1. darylfaure says:

    Lovely update. They sound like such lovely kids. I’ll tell you too, it really just keeps on getting better and better. Enjoy every stage.xxx

  2. Sam says:

    They sound so blimming cute!


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