A Big Bed So Soon

I had a plan.  I should know better by now, that plans with toddlers seldom work out quite as you expect.  My babes sleep with sleeping bags, they have done since about three months or so.  It keeps them warm, especially Sausage who is very restless and would never keep a blanket over him.  Over time the sleeping bags have also become another sleep association and when you put Sausages first arm in the bag his eyes start getting droopy.  So they use them even for nap time and I am convinced that they are part of the reason we have had few sleep issues (recent weeks aside).  I was raving about sleeping bags to my two besties and saying how I had just bought the kids their new winter bags which would last until they are three.  My one friend laughed at me and it was the first time it had really occurred to me consciously that they probably couldn’t keep sleeping in bags until they are three as they would struggle to get out of a real bed.

So I thought about it a little and came up with my plan.  They would stay in their cots until summer, that way they could use their sleeping bags through winter and adjust to a duvet when the weather was warmer and if Sausage kicked off his covers it wouldn’t matter too much.  Also in summer they would be two and that seems the right age to make the move from the cot to bed.  All makes sense right?

Then the other day while I was changing Sausage I watched as Pudding climbed into her cot.  Yes from the floor, she climbed into the cot! OMG! I figure if she can climb from the floor all the way up get into her cot, she can definitely climb out of her cot.  So we implemented a new rule, they had to be in sleeping bags in the cots, I figured there was no way they could climb out with their feet confined in the sleeping bag.

Then yesterday again after bath, while getting them in their jammies, Pudding was climbing around the chair between the cost and climbed into Sausages cot for a laugh.  Then she got hold of the rail, lifted herself up using only her arms, feet off the base of the cot until her hips were level with the top of the rail and then tilted herself out the cot (onto the chair next to the cot, not onto her head on the floor).  In other words she didn’t use her feet to get out the cot.  In other words a sleeping bag confining her feet would not slow her down in climbing out the cot.  I hope she has the sense not to try that on the other side of the cot, where there is no chair, but what if she doesn’t?

Is it time to move them to a proper bed?

Surely 18 months is too young for that?  But if she tries to climb out and I’m not there she could really hurt herself.

But we have only just worked through our sleep issue (well hope I am not talking too soon, we are now on 4 nights sleep through in a row – yippee!) and moving them to beds would surely shake everything up again.  And what about their sleeping bags, Sausage would freeze through the winter with a duvet because I just know he would kick it off.  Also Sausage is so restless I am positive he will fall out of bed regularly.

Help!  Do we really need to move them to beds and if we do does anyone have tips on how to make this transition easier?

Oh and in other news I also think we might need to start thinking about potty training (another bog post coming on this one) and surely potty training and big bed at the same time would be too much change at once and cause some insecurity?


About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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3 Responses to A Big Bed So Soon

  1. Ours have been in “big beds” since they were infants. We had them on the floor mostly, and just before they turned 2 moved them into loft beds. We’ve never had issues with them, unlike many of our friends who have had kids want to “play” in the big beds or not sleep, etc. So, I don’t think 18mo is too young… I’d suggest starting out with twin mattresses on the floor, though, so that they don’t have far to roll to the ground if they were to fall off.

  2. Foxy says:

    We abandoned the crib pretty early on, and have been using a Queen Size mattress on the floor. My little guy did not ‘transfer’ well into the crib – the process of leaning into the crib to set him down would always wake him up. The big mattress makes it easy for me to lay down with him for a few minutes when we put him down to sleep, and again in the morning when he wakes up. In the morning I climb into bed with him and let him watch videos on my phone in order to get a few extra minutes of shut-eye. We don’t typically leave him in his room awake, but it is child safe and I don’t worry about him getting into anything dangerous (although he could empty all the clothing in the dresser if he was inclined…) He hasn’t (yet) figured out how to work the door handle, so it is a good container for him when we need one.

    Sleep arrangements are one of those things that seems to be so totally different from one house to the next – and one area where I feel so totally alone in being left to figure out what works for us. There are childbirth people, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and pediatricians, but no one to help us deal with sleep! Good Luck figuring out what works for your sweet babes.

  3. sparrow202 says:

    I wish my 20 month old would sleep in a sleeping bag. He refuses and wiggles himself out before he even falls asleep.

    I have a love-hate relationship with the cot. I want to move him to the big boy bed but I don’t want a baby in my bed when he wakes up and decide to join us in bed.

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