It’s Broken

So we just had to do it.  Saturday night, Pudding dove head first out her cot (onto the chair) repeatedly excitedly practicing her new skills.  So it was time.

We (Chris) had a very bad night on Saturday night, Pudding woke up at 3am and Chris ended up sitting in their room with them until 7.30am, when he got them up and changed bums before making me Mother’s Day coffee in bed.  So it was with a lot of trepidation that we tackled the change to ‘Big Kid’ beds.  Sunday morning Chris got out his tools and we converted their cots to toddler beds by removing one of the sides.  It was one of the reasons we bought the cots we did so that we would be able to use them as toddler beds when the time came, but I still had my doubts they would be any good.

IMG_1725I got out the bedding my MIL made for them back when I was pregnant.  The Lion King embroidery done specially for them and the fabric my MIL and I spent days trying to find.  And the design that meant every duvet cover had to be different.  Now looking back I realise how difficult I was during my pregnancy (LOL).  It all seemed so important back then and then after all the fuss the twins have only slept with their duvets about three times in their lives and only when they vomited all over their sleeping bags (back in the reflux days).  So all the stress to make sure that bedding was ready for them by 32 weeks and now 20 months later it is finally being used.

Our custom made Lion King bedding

Our custom made Lion King bedding

So bed’s made up, we let them play and jump on them and explore the new found freedom, in the hopes that by the time afternoon nap came around they would be over the excitement and go to sleep without any drama.  After lunch yesterday we went to put them down for their nap and poor little Pudding took one look around her as I put her down and said “Cot Broken!” and began to wail as we walked out the room.  She really became quite hysterical and Chris went back in to soother her to discover that Sausage had was making his way over to her to calm her down (I love the way they love each other).  Chris ended up sitting in their room holding her until she fell asleep.  Sausage lay down as though nothing was different and after Chris pacified Pudding he went to sleep.

Exploring our new 'Big Kid' Beds

Exploring our new ‘Big Kid’ Beds

Last night I was pretty nervous putting them into bed at the end of the nightly ritual and when she started to protest I said I would sit with them.  After a bit of chatting, Chris coughed just once in the kitchen and they both felt the need to tell me repeatedly that “Daddy coughing”, they settled down and went to sleep.  We had one call out from Sausage when his bunny fell out of bed and he couldn’t find it, but he settled very quickly again once I had given it to him.  They both slept through the night!  Neither fell out of bed and there was no drama.

This afternoon they went down for afternoon nap as though they had slept in these ‘big kid’ beds all their lives (which in a way they have).  Let’s hope that the transition is as simple as that, although I don’t for a minute think that will be the end of that.

By the way their room is once again a work in progress.  Since we moved we decided to go with Lion King theme again, largely because we love it and ‘Mba’ (Simba) was one of Sausages first words and so we could use the special bedding.  The net result is that we have not yet finished painting the mural on the wall, it will be colour eventually.

Sleep Zone

Sleep Zone


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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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3 Responses to It’s Broken

  1. sparrow202 says:

    I thought I was ready to let go of my little one’s cot. But seeing the cot converted to a bed does look very nice!

    Love the theme and I cannot wait too see the “after” pictures, once it has been completed!

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