Okay this is going to be one of those posts where I brag shamelessly about my amazing kids.  It feels a little like the last few posts have been quite negative and focused on the tougher times, but what they haven’t highlighted is just what a joy our kids are.  Yes being a parent is hard, being a parent to toddlers is very challenging and being the parent of twin toddlers could break you.  And sleeplessness is going to push those limits even faster.  But when the sun is up and their awesome little personalities are shining through, our reserves are replenished to get us through another tough night with their smiles and funny things they say.

There was a fellow twin mom blogger I was following, who sadly has stopped blogging, who used to write about how her eldest child (non-twin) was gifted.  It seems she took quite a bit of flack from other people who challenged her statement that he was gifted.  I have done some research on the definition of gifted and it seems very grey to me, but what she described was extremely smart for sure.  And I definitely do not want to label my kids as gifted.  I worry about that label more than others for some reason, I think it has the potential to set parents and children up for disappointment later in life.  I believe kids develop at different paces, some kids walk early, some kids talk early, some kids talk a lot, others are amazing with their hands.  Some kids are slow to develop, but once they get going they surpass others.  And I think that trying to label a child at this early age as gifted lays a foundation for potential disappointment if they don’t stay at that level. 

So what I am saying is that I don’t think my kids are gifted, but hell they are super smart and ahead of the average for their age.  Sorry if I sound like one of ‘those’ mothers, I don’t mind being shot for being super proud of my angels.  Hopefully I will get my need to brag endlessly out my system before they are old enough to be embarrassed by me.

Anyway I digress.  My two little munchkins have a particular strength in vocal skills, they are both little chatterboxes and their speech literally blows me away on a regular basis.  Both speak in full sentences all the time, their vocabulary is off the charts and Pudding will even try to tell you stories about her day or things that have happened recently.  Their latest show off is telling us nursery rhymes.  I wish I could figure out how to load the videos we have taken to let you see how totally cute they are.  When we do nursery rhymes they will say “again, again, again” until we have said it enough to drive us to distraction, but you can see their little brains storing it away for later use.  Who would have thought that “Mary Mary Kite a Quary” (quite contrary) would be one of the first to come out from them in full without prompting.  I mean have you heard the words in that rhyme? And Pudding especially loves the “Cockleshells” (which she says perfectly).  The other morning while I was in the bath, she took my face in her tiny perfect little hands and said “pwetty maids row”.  I like to think she was telling me she thought I was looking good that day.  Other favourites are Little Miss Muffit and the spider who “fightened muffit way” or Jack Horner who said “what a good boy I” and “umty dumty” who was broken.  We are currently repeating ad nauseum  the wheels on the bus “all day long”.

They love to practice their vocab and I am convinced that is why they feel the need to say “night night” to every single thing we pass, it’s a daily reminder of what those things are called.  And Sausage is particularly good at pointing at things and saying “whassat” (what’s that) and you can see him storing it away.  Funny enough Pudding never asks what something is, but seems to pick the words out of thin air.

They love to constantly narrate what is going on around with a special focus at the moment on people.  Sausage is especially fond of trying to figure out who is a “Man”, who is a “Yady” (lady) and who are “boys” and “girls”.  They both also seem mildly obsessed with people’s relationship to each other, especially other kids’ “mommy” and “daddy”.  And my little boy just loves other kids calling them “fwend” almost as soon as he meets them.  And they have become amazing at remembering names of people and they both regularly ask for their friend “Kyra” and Pudding is constantly talking about “Ayee” (Alley).  What astounds me most is their brilliant memory of things from a while ago.  When my Dad, “Pops” was visiting back in December would chase them around the house saying “bite bite bite” pretending to bite their little bums.  They thought it was hilarious.  That was six months ago, but the other day we were talking about Pops and one of them said “bite bite bite”, how can they remember that? One morning, they woke up in a really great mood and I asked Pudding if she had slept well.  She said “yes”.  I asked if she had good dreams, she said “yes”.  I asked her what she dreamt about and she said “Ganny” (Granny, my step-mom).  How edible is that!

Sausage told me in the bath one morning “Luff you” and Pudding told her Daddy the same a few weeks back.  They both pretend to phone Aunty Kaka on any phone they find (real or toy) and they say “Heyo, Kaka, Miss You!”  One Sunday Pudding picked up my phone and held it to her ear “Heyo, Kaka, Jed mess, cleaning”, he had messed some milk and was helping me wipe it up.  It was like she was phoning her aunt to tell stories.  We often sit and look at photos and they will both tell you all about what and who is in the photo and what happened and as for books any day now I expect them to read me a story.  No they are not anywhere near ready to read yet, and in case I was getting too smug about how smart my kids are I started following a blog about twin toddlers who could read at 2 – OMG!

Is it crazy that I sometimes worry that when they go to school they might be bored.  I worry that they are ahead of their age group and won’t learn enough at school to keep them stimulated.  Having said that they will gain so much from the social interaction of school, but still I worry.  Who would have thought that even having smart kids might worry you?

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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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One Response to Chatterboxes

  1. darylfaure says:

    No apologies required for shameless bragging. One of the joys of parenting which makes up for all the less than fun parts. Your two certainly sound like they are doing exceptionally with their speech development.

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