Oh My Goodness Golly Gosh

Shortly after we moved into the new house, back in December, we bought two little potties.  We put them in our bathroom so that the kids could get used to seeing them.  They were fascinated by them and almost immediately started sitting on their potties when we were on the toilet.  This went along very nicely with their total and utter fascination with toilet paper, what is it about toilet paper that is so fascinating.  They are so obsessed with it, that ‘paypa’ was one of Sausage’s first words and he loves to eat the stuff?

Anyway as with so much I was totally clear on when toilet training would start.  They will be two in November, just as summer starts and so  if they were showing signs of readiness we would start then.  Almost a whole year to get used to the idea of the potty.

And then at 16 months Pudding started showing all the signs of being ready to potty train.  She told me one day she needed to poo on her potty and promptly had a wee!  This kind of thing happened a few more times with her having successful movements on the potty and even asking to go once in a while.  I was a little stunned and started doing some research.  While doing my research I suggested to our Au Pair that she offer them the opportunity to use the potty.  In her wisdom (as a mother of two and au pair for ten years and therefore done potty training on a number of kids) she decided to put them on the potty every 20 minutes!  Well the net result of this was that Sausage (who wasn’t ready to potty train anyway, but was just along for the ride) took against the potty and wouldn’t go near it.  And Pudding had no successful movements on the potty at all with this approach.  And who wouldn’t take against doing something they were being forced to do every 20 minutes.  Something which was interrupting their fun.  If someone did that to me I would loose my cool completely.  So I suggested she just stop and we decided to ignore the fact that Pudding was showing signs of being ready.

During my research I was really drawn to the three day approach to Potty Training and was almost convinced to just do it one long weekend.  But with one thing and another and the terrible sleep and then the move to the big bed, we just let things go.

Then last week one of my colleagues, who’s little girl is a week older than the Hope Babes, was telling me how they put their daughter on the potty first thing every morning and after naps and before bath etc and she was having successful wee’s fairly often.  So I thought maybe we shouldn’t ignore this completely and take a gentle approach and see what happens.

Over the weekend Pudding asked to use the potty a couple of times and had a successful wee.  So I dug out the books about using the potty and we started offering the potty when they wake up in the morning and after naps and at bath time.  And she kept having success.  And almost immediately started asking to go.  Sometimes she is asking to go just for the novelty, but she has success about 70% of the time.

We have a little Potty Success Song “Oh my Goodness Golly Gosh” (something my Dad made up years ago when my siblings were little) and do a dance whenever she has success and I think they love this.  And she keeps asking for the Gosh Song, but it is only for success.

And then this morning Sausage also had his first wee in the potty.

So I guess we have entered the world of potty training.  I still want to do the three day approach, but need to find three days to do it, and in the mean time we will just go with the flow and see what happens.


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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Oh My Goodness Golly Gosh

  1. Judy says:

    We did the same thing, practiced using the potty and made it part of our daily routine and then when we were ready to ditch day time diapers we did the 3 day “boot camp”. It helped having them already familiar with the potty and the mechanics of how to “go”. Then it’s just a matter or recognizing you need to go and getting to the potty without having accidents. Good Luck! It’s a huge milestone!

  2. Sian says:

    WOW! That is awesome. Keep going.
    I plan to see if J is ready in September after his birthday OR when it gets warm enough.

  3. Sam says:

    Kade showed readiness from around 16 months as well – was telling us about wee’s or poo’s in his nappy etc and we were going to start but then he broke his leg and he has regressed totally. Now we’ll just wait till summer before we focus on this as it’s blimming cold in JHB and I’m not dealing with potty training now…. GREAT that both of yours are doing so well tho!


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