The Twin Thing

I remember as a little girl being told that twins run in our family and being so excited at that.  My Grandmother on my Dad’s side had twins, but she lost them and she never talked about them at all.  We know they were born before my Dad, but no one seems to know whether they were identical or fraternal, girls, boys or one of each, or how long they lived before they died.  I remember being told that twins skip a generation and as my Dad never had twins that meant I stood a good chance of having twins.  Of course I know now what a load of rubbish that is.  But as a kid the idea of having twins one day fascinated me.

Roll on many many years and when Chris and I started our fertility journey I was researching how they stimulate egg production for Artificial Insemination (bear in mind we started out thinking we would have to use a donor) and got very excited when I read about the increased likelihood of multiples.  Of course when we ended up in the land of IVF our chances of multiples were higher again, but by then I was so focused on just getting a baby, just getting success, that I wasn’t that focused on the twin thing.  But (and I know I probably sound like one of those loonies), I have always sort of thought that I would end up with twins.

And from our very first Beta, we ‘knew’ it was multiples and the second third and fourth betas confirmed it before the scan that showed our perfect little Pudding and Sausage snuggled in there.  And I have to tell you nothing made me happier.  I mean obviously after three failed IVF cycles I was pretty stoked just to get the BFP, but that first beta number was amazing.  And when my doc phoned me a few hours later and said I should prepare myself it was probably multiples I got an even more ridiculous grin on my face.  And then to get the ultimate gift of one boy and one girl, what could be more perfect!

You see like almost everyone I was fascinated by twins, I had never taken a single second to think about what having twins would be like, or what being a twin would mean for my littlies.

And having twins is tough.  Carrying twins is harder on your body, more risks, and less chance of making it to term.  Having twin infants was one of the hardest challenges I have faced in my life.  It’s a busy life being a twin parent.

It always makes me laugh; the looks, the questions and the comments you get as a twin parent.  Yes I have heard “Double Trouble” a hundred times.  And I have had the totally dumb questions, “which one is the smart one”.  Or my all time favourite when people ask if my blonde haired blue eyed girl and dark haired and eyed boy are identical?  I mean do they look identical.  And I have been looked at with sympathy and even jealousy.  And the question of whether “twins run in the family” is obviously such a loaded one, one I could of course easily dodge by saying yes.

But actually none of this actually irritates me (how is that possible when I am normally so easily irritated).

Because I am just so damn thrilled to have these perfect little beings and love bragging about the medical miracle which brought us our amazing littlies.

AND YES they are:

  • Double trouble
  • Double the blessing
  • Not identical
  • Different – One is a little more vocal
  • Different – One is a little more physical
  • The result of the miracle of IVF with ICSI using IMSI – LOL get your head around that one!

About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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One Response to The Twin Thing

  1. Sam says:

    They are just amazingly delicious your hope babes.

    I too had very high beta’s and was initially a bit disappointed to see that I only had a singleton on board, but with hindsight and seeing friends who had twins deal with twins I now know that God knew best and gave me what I needed and could handle. A perfect little boy. Just like He gave you what you needed and could handle – your gorgeous, wonderful, challenging, smart twins.


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