Party Food – The Cake Pop Debacle

No this did not suddenly turn into a food blog, don’t worry.  But obviously I am still in party prep mode.  I tweeted last night that cake pops are simply not worth the hassle.  And I stick by that!  What a load of faff for a tiny bite of cake covered in chocolate.  Give me a big cake with beautiful decorations and yummy butter or cream cheese icing any day.

I have been lusting after the cake pop mould since I saw it at the plastics shop a few months back.  It seems so simple, it looks so sweet and clever.  So when we were at the shop a couple of weeks ago, Chris convinced me to get it.  So when we got home I took my yummy vanilla cupcake recipe, halved it and threw it in the cake pop mould and away we went.  But when I removed it from the oven, what a mess.  Only the outside pops were even vaguely round.  I hadn’t cooked them long enough and the middle had all merged together to make a big blob.  Okay so not quite as simple as I thought, but honestly how hard could it be.  So some research on the internet and all set for a second try.

So Sunday afternoon, I thought, it’s an hour or so to dinner time, perfect timing for me to try the recipe I found and see how it turns out.  That was at 4.30-ish.  I was still baking and faffing at 10pm!  It turns out the recipe I found must have been off some professional site?  Because the batch made 80 cake pops! Yes EIGHTY!  I mean who wants 80 cake pops?  Needless to say I was somewhat irritated.  On the upside of the 80 cake pops, at least 75 were recognisable as round, so the recipe was a success.  But my research had also told me that once covered in chocolate (if fully covered) they can keep fresh for ages, someone even suggested two weeks.  Well this is just 6 days, so I started the next step.

First off where do you put 70-odd cake pops with sticks pointing into them when you don’t have some fancy fangled holder?  And you need them to stand upright so the pretty decorations are showing off.  I really had not thought this through at all.  With some brainstorming input from Chris we found two boxes, covered them in tin foil (well mostly because I also ran out of tinfoil!) and punched holes in them.  Another faff adding to the time factor!

When at the cake supplies shop I had found some melting caramel (in a slab like chocolate) and thought that would be a yummy covering rather than chocolate as I am VERY partial to caramel.  I double checked with the expert and she assured me that the caramel would work well for covering the cake pops.  Just so you know it doesn’t work at all!  The caramel never got thin or runny enough and it was fast destroying the cake pops.  Luckily I am neurotic and had also bought melting chocolate (just in case) and so swapper over to that.  Well it took me 2 nights of dipping cake pops and they are done.  I did not do the very clever little monkey faces I had figured out and been inspired to do by Pintrest.  I simply dipped and sprinkled and it took 2 nights!  Seriously what a load of faff.  I will admit that by the end I had figured out a technique that was working better and I was churning them out much faster, but honestly all that for a little cake and chocolate!  Have I said that already?!?  Now that they are all lined up in the fridge they look yummy, but I’m not convinced.

In other words, if you are attending out party, eat the damn cake pops they are the only ones I will be making EVER!  And please hold me to that.  And no don’t ask for the recipe I deleted it off my phone in a temper after finishing them.

A got a response on twitter from someone who said she knows someone who makes beautiful cakepops if I wanted the number.  I responded that I am still in that stupid place where I want to do it all myself!  I am no better than my stubborn, independent toddlers.


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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Party Food – The Cake Pop Debacle

  1. panjels says:

    I have to see a photo of these pops now! You should have done a step by step of the process….! I nearly cried just dipping & decorating marshmellows for my little ones 1st birthday, so hats off to you!

  2. Sian says:

    I also want a photo. Last night I made muffins and I haven’t even done that for years!!! I don’t bake….its always a disaster.

  3. Sam says:

    hahahahahahahah! Sorry I know it wasn’t funny to you at the time, BUT I can’t help but giggle at the mental images that went thru my mind reading this post 😉

    I’m sure the cake pops are going to be AWESOME and taste delish!


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