Birthday Traditions

The last year has seen the babies fading and the little people emerging.  And with that the way I see their birthday has changed completely.  I don’t think I made much of a secret of the fact that their party last year was for me.  Well for them, but for me.  It was as much Chris and my milestone as it was theirs and having my whole family together to celebrate was just perfect.

Now it’s about them.  And I have spent so much time thinking about what we can do to make the day special, to build the excitement for them and maybe even start a tradition or two for the years to come.  I know they won’t remember this birthday, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be amazingly special.

Chris has been so hectic with work the last few months, he has been travelling a lot and I think has been really missing having ‘enough’ time with the kids.  Is there ever enough time?  Anyway he mentioned to me a few weeks back that he was taking leave for the kids birthday, not just the day before the party and not just the day of their actual birthday, but both days.  And if you knew how hectically busy he is you will understand what a big deal this is.  And he suggested we take them camping for their actual birthday.  What a fab idea.

So tonight after work we are throwing the kids in the car, hitching up the trailer and heading a little way up the coast to go camping for the twins birthday.  We will only really be gone for two nights and one day as we need to head home early on Friday morning to get everything done for the party and to see Granny (my awesome step-mom) who is coming down from Joburg for their birthday again this year.  I am pretty excited to say the least about the trip.  It is the first camping trip where it will just be the four of us, our previous two trips were with other family and/or friends.  Hopefully the total break from everything that is familiar will help to make the birthday extra special for the kids.

But I had been on Pintrest and had all these cool ideas on how to make a big deal of a kids birthday on the actual day.  You know, filling their room with balloons, turning their chair into a throne, that sort of thing.  And this will be a little difficult to do when all four of us will be sleeping in a tent together?  Add to that the presents we got them are not really appropriate for taking camping.  And I know they don’t know that birthdays are about presents, but I still want them to have something to open on the day.  So I popped into a couple of book stores yesterday and picked up some books… “Dora’s Dance Party”, “Curious George’s Surprise Party” and some story about a brother and sister going camping.  I figure the books are about birthdays and camping and so are pretty appropriate.  And at the moment they seem to be in a space where one of their best things in the whole world is having story time.

As for the rest I am thinking that spending quality time together as a family, where we focus on each other and get out of our comfort zone is a pretty awesome birthday tradition.  Getting out into nature and away from all the ‘materialism’ and ‘stuff’ is a good way to kick start a ‘new year’.  So maybe, just maybe this could be the start of a tradition where we go camping for their birthday every year?  Of course they will probably take against camping at some stage and ruin my best laid plans, but nice thought anyway.

Do you have any birthday traditions in your family or are you thinking of starting any?

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Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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4 Responses to Birthday Traditions

  1. Melinda says:

    Jadas first party and second party i organised and planned…chose everything. This year, she is alot more aware of her “party”…so I have had to let go of all the stuff I wanted to do and let Jada choose everything. She wants a pink party, she chose those “cheap” plastic packets for her party packs, chose the children she wants at her party, chose her invitations, chose her sweets, is helping to bake the cupcakes and cake…and chose her jumping castle. It was very hard for me to let go and let her choose everything but hey, like you said, this is her day! She is super excited…and dances around the house going “party, party, party”. This year she even told us what she wants for her birthday…after the jumping castle and balloons (yes, she included these in gifts), she wants a torch and a bike

  2. Sian says:

    This year we went to Spur on Jaydens actual birthday. i thought he would enjoy the sparkler and singing…..but no such luck. I think that it would be nice to have a family braai every year as his birthday is on heritage day. We can then focus on family and celebrate the fact that we have a very close family. But of course this may change as he gets older.

  3. Sam says:

    I’ve loved throwing Kade’s parties the last two years. The one tradition I’ve stuck with is buying him the BEST looking cake his theme has 😉


  4. SugarShack says:

    I can’t believe my youngest two will be at this stage! They’re already emerging into little people! Great post.

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