A girl emerging

I am about as far from a girlie girl as you can imagine and so I have plenty of people offering to teach my daughter how to apply makeup and other things I am happy for her to never know. But despite her useless example of societies ‘norm’ for girls my lovely Pudding is blossoming into a real little girlie girl.

She loves music and dancing and so she started ballet lessons a couple of months back. We even got her the appropriate leotard and tutu.


And she just loves spinning around and around as she dances.


She totally refuses to be fussed with and so even brushing her hair is a challenge left to only twice a week (thank heavens it’s so straight so I don’t have to fight with her more often) but on ballet day the teachers at school are allowed to not only brush her hair but also tie it up in a ‘ballet pony’.

But her best thing in the whole world is painting and anything arty. Any time you ask her what she wants to do the answer is always paint.


Yes she is still more nudist than anything else.

She is very strong willed and not to be argued with and is currently refusing to be photographed so unfortunately don’t have any pics of her fantastic outfit selections which today included tracksuit pants (because a girl must be warm and comfortable) socks and gumboots (to stay dry and make the most noise when walking) a long sleeve top with a gorgeous white summer dress with gold sequins on it over it (because it swirls nicely when she practices her ballet) and a lovely fleecy top which also swirls when she spins and is warm. She looked so weird nd unique and gorgeous with her wild mane of blonde and she bounds around.

Her little smile and the look in her eye when she places her hands on each side of my face and whispers ‘Mama I love you’ melts my heart every time.



About MommyAtLast

Finally a Mommy to our Medical Miracle IVF Boy / Girl Twins who were born in November 2011. We overcame azoospermia using hormone therapy for my hubby to conceive our precious Hope Babes on our 4th IVF.
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One Response to A girl emerging

  1. Sam says:

    what a treasure!


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