Best Friend’s Guide to IVF

This is the what every girl should know post on IVF.  It’s what your best friend would tell you if she only knew what IVF was all about.  It’s not pretty and this will definitely cross the boundary of TMI, so read on at your own risk!

The Good

  1. Support Structure.  Having the right support is essential.  I have been fortunate enough to have the most amazing support structure all around.
    1. My Rock (DefTTC) held my hand through it all and made me laugh when times got tough and forced me to cry when I needed to let it all go.  And worrying about him helped me to avoid becoming totally self-absorbed.
    2. And then my ladies – the one’s who know what IVF is like to endure.  They knew exactly when to call, when to sms, when to understand that I wouldn’t return the call.  This is essential, you do not want to be looking after your support structure and feeling responsible for keeping them updated, you need to lay the ground rules (if necessary, I didn’t need to, they knew).
    3. Our families.  I have read so many horror stories about how people have found themselves consoling their familes, or enduring the most insensitive or ridiculous comments, both our families (those that knew what we were going through) really knew how to be the best.  They never phoned us once to ask anything, they simply waited for us to be ready to share news at each step.  They have been incredible and I count my lucky stars.
  2. Your life line.  While the increase in your phone bill will not seem good when you get the bill, it is one of the costs of IVF that is worth EVERY cent.  When planning your IVF, please ensure to put in extra budget for your phone bill.  This will help cover replies to the messages of support, the sms’s to the people who love you and are in your corner every step of the way.  They needed to be kept updated of how the follies were doing, how many eggs were retrieved, how many embies were transferred and of course the results.  And for every update I sent out I received a reply of love and encouragement or invites to lunch or offers of distraction by means of movies, tea, lunch, breakfast etc etc.  Add to that trying to explain to family members who live in another town the details of how IVF works, these were long conversations.  My phone bill will be HUGE this month, but every cent will have been worth it.  This was a part of my lifeline.
  3. One Day at a Time.  During my first cycle I tried to anticipate when everything would happen and nothing happened quite the way I anticipated and it threw me.  You need to take each day as it comes, each scan and every step, well as much as you can.
  4. Distractions.  I had anticipated this one actually.  You need to ensure that you can do lots of different things to get you through not only the 2ww but also the waiting for AF to show, the waiting for the follies to develop, the waiting for a fert report, the waiting to hear how your embies are growing.  We went to movies, we ate out, I had breakfasts and lunches out.
  5. Relaxation.  Oh and then of course there was the massage.  This is the one thing I would do differently next time.  I will go for a massage earlier in the process and probably go more than once.  My massage therapist is a professional, not one of those skin polishers at the beauty salons, he is medically qualified and has the best hands I have ever experienced (for a massage – let me just clarify ;-)).
  6. Wine.  Dee recommends a glass of wine right up to transfer.  Think about this, you probably didn’t give up drinking for the whole three months prior to retrieval that you should have if you thought that drinking would impact your eggs.  And if you didn’t give it up three months before then your eggs brewed with alcohol in the mix.  So why not include a glass if it’s going to help you relax.  But please be moderate about this.  My clinic were quite clear btw that no alcohol should be consumed at all through the cycle.
  7. The 2ww.  Don’t do anything you might be able to beat yourself up about later.  That’s not to say don’t do anything, I have one friend who swears by breaking the ‘rules’, but keep in mind that you might be pregnant?
  8. Comfort Food.  Now I know this is probably one I shouldn’t have indulged in, but I figured the whole experience was going to be stressful enough without worrying about what I was eating and how much weight I was putting on.  I didn’t have an ‘off’ button for four weeks.  So our food budget had to cover the best, most delicious biscuits that we discovered from Spar, with yogurt covering, yummy, and chocolate, the one with almonds and coconut oh and extra biltong and chips and hmmm, enough said you get the idea.  And now I will worry about losing the weight again – that’s fine.
  9. The Right Food.  Don’t forget the pineapple and brazil nuts.  There is a lot of conflicting information about pinapples, they contains the enzyme bromelain which is supposed to help thicken the uterine lining and therefore help with imlantation.  However if you eat too much of it it can actually cause uterine contractions and cause early miscarriage.  The core has the most bromelain in it and you may read to avoid eating the core.  But what I have heard is that if you eat sensible quantities of pineapple (around 1/4 to 1/5 of a pineapple per day) it can help, that’s what I did.  You are meant to start with this around egg retrieval time and continue until test day.  As for the Brazil nuts, I can’t find any supporting evidence, but I heard it was good for implantation, so I ate around six-eight a day.
  10.  Implantation Bleeding.  Yes it does happen to some, but don’t expect it, if you don’t get it it does not mean it’s a BFN!

 The Bad

  1. The injections.  Are not as bad as you imagine.  Not even close. 
  2. All symptoms are rubbish.  I’m sorry to say that the really sore bo.obs really are just the hormones, NO not the pregnancy hormones, probably the progesterone.  There really is no such thing and as pregnancy symptom.  This symptom is sent to simply mess with your head – ignore it.
  3. The weird feeling is almost certainly the need to visit the toilet, it is NOT your uterus expanding with growing babies.  Not yet, not during the two week (or ten day) wait.  I eventually figured out that the weird feelings I probably always have, but I’m not normally examining every twitch and twinge in my body quite so closely. 
  4. PUPO.  (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)  I really thought I would convince myself that I was pregnant after transfer and all I can say is THANK HEAVENS I managed to avoid this crazy thought.  You are not pregnant until you have had implantation and unless you actually do have implantation bleeding (and can be 100% certain it is implantation bleeding) you cannot know whether implantation has taken place and therefore you are not pregnant.  To convince yourself otherwise is heartbreaking.  Adds stress and for me I don’t think would be healthy.  That’s not to say I wasn’t extremely optimistic and really had so much hope – especially as every day went by with no AF.  But I wouldn’t let myself BELIEVE I was pregnant.
  5. The Itch – cetrotide is a B!TCH!  I mean that jab (the 3mg one) gave me the worst itch I have ever experienced in my life.  If I were one of those bendy people (you know the little oriental girls in the circus that can kiss their own buts?) I would have chewed on my stomach to get rid of the itchy spot.  Not sure if there is anything you can do for this, I just endured it and it did eventually go away about three or four hours later.  Keeping it cool did seem to help a little.  Second cycle I followed a friends advice and put ice on the spot before the injection. It definitely made a difference, only itched for 45 minutes.
  6. Bloating.   Not one I was really prepared for. I mean I had heard about bloating, but I had no idea my stomach could look seven months pregnant when I hadn’t even ovulated yet.   My first cetrotide shot (the four day version) bloated my body unrecognisable.  Try to wear elasticated trousers or skirts and if you can’t there is a very nifty trick I learnt.  You can take a hair band (or any elastic band) and loop it through the button hole on your trousers and then loop the other end over the button.  This helps to keep the trousers up when you can’t do up the zip or button any more.  Very sexy let me assure you!   Turia swore by Gatorade. It was the only thing that worked for her, and it really really worked. Just keep chugging it back – not sure what the South African equivalent is?
  7. After a BFN – look after yourself, yes, you might be brave but for a failed IVF the sadness can strike at any time eg in a meeting sitting next to a preg lady. I believe we all have to go thru the grieving process so there will come a time for denial, anger, sadness and acceptance. Be prepared for these emotions.  And when you are ready try again.  (Thanks Dee also for this one, it is a good reminder of what we may still have to go through).

 The Ugly

  1. EWCM.  The day of my melt down – CD11.  It hadn’t been a great day anyway, I was sooo disappointed in my follies and I got to work and not an hour later when I went to the loo there was the most obscene amount of EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucus).  Nothing in the whole process terrified me as much as that did.  I was convinced I was ovulating and we were going to miss the opportunity to harvest my poor follies because my body was ejecting any eggs.  This is not the case – the EWCM is from high levels of oestrogen and is normal – do not panic!
  2. Bladder and Transfer.  Do not go against this advice, you will be sorry.  You need a full bladder for transfer, BUT you do not want it too full.  I was advised to have a wee half an hour before the transfer and then to drink 500ml of water.  This should get your bladder to perfect fullness for transfer.  I did my own thing and ended up having to be cathetered to relieve some of the pressure so the FS could get into my uterus.
  3. Pu$$y Pills. Sorry to be vulgar, but this is what DefTTC named my progesterone suppositories.  Yes I have heard that you can also put these up your bum rather than in your ‘love chute’ but honestly just how much dignity does a girl have to give up?  BTW I was using two utrogestan tabs three times a day.  Try to do these after you have had your poo (I warned you this may be TMI) as I found I ‘sh@t’ them back out if I put them in shortly before my ablutions.   They only need 20 minutes for absorption to take place.  Put them as far up as your applicator will allow.  Some leakage is normal and not to be worried about.    Rumour has it that is you use the back passage there is less leakage.
  4. Blockages.  Puria also recommended eating All Bran as soon as you start the progesterone, and keep eating it- progesterone slows your system down like crazy
  5. Pads.  This one came out of left field completely, even if I had thought about it for a month of Sunday’s I wouldn’t have realised this one…  You see I only wear g-strings, and when it came to the part where I started using the progesterone I realised I was going to need some panty liners to handle the leakage.  But I haven’t used a panty liner or pad since I was about 14.  So off I went and picked some up.  It is overwhelming the array of varieties, but I eventually settled on some g-string shaped ones and some normal ones.  Until I started using the g-string ones and realised that the g-string liners get themselves all wrapped around the thin part of the g-string and you can end up with the sticky stuff stuck to your pubes!  They were not successful at all.
  6. Panties.  Due to the point above, I eventually had to head out and buy some ‘normal’ shaped panties.  Add this into the budget too.

This page will be updated on a regular basis adding in any additional information I gather from other blogs, from comments left hear or from my own experience.

Please note this is not a replacement for medical advice, but simply the practical stuff that no one ever thinks to tell you.

Good Luck!


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  4. Lindsay says:

    Perfect timing that I found this blog just before I started my IVF cycle. Your title is hilarious and we need more writers like you to share. Best to you in round 2.

  5. unfertilized says:

    This is great, thank you for posting. Good luck on your next round.

  6. Mummy says:

    I l * o * v * e this list, not only is it informative but also very accurate based on own experiences.
    Congrats on a fab blog & good luck with your baby journey 🙂

    Anne (Germany)

  7. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for the practical (and humorous) info! Found this via ICLW and I’m glad I did… I am starting round 1 IVF in a few weeks.

  8. I like the mix of practical/completely ridiculous list above. I say ridiculous, because come-on, why do we have to do these things at all? I say practical because I’m sure I will have to think of all these things once the IVF cycle starts and I am thankful to you for the warning as I am sure no nurse or doctor would give me this advice! 🙂

  9. Theresa says:

    Hi from ICLW! We are getting ready to start an IVF cycle. Love this! Thanks!

  10. I am from ICLW!!! This is a great page…I think I may steal the idea since it is soo helpful to understand the IVF process

  11. LINDSEYD says:

    Enjoyable read, prepping for first round of IVF

  12. I have just had my first rd and it failed still not bleed yet so even if you domnt blind dont get your hopes up and the advice you have given is to the “T” also some addvice I did have really bad wind lol

  13. Victory says:

    What an enjoyable post to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with your in vitro fertilization process. I am sure many women will find your blog really helpful and inspirational. Kudos!

  14. Tash says:

    Thank you!
    I have 9 sleeps left ☺ if my 2ww and I’m lying in bed at 2am, wondering if I’m going loopy.
    Am I supposed to be crying like a little girl for no apparent reason? If I’m not feeling nauseous is something wrong?!
    Aah all the questions…
    Your post made me smile.. Thank you!!!
    Tash xx

  15. mel says:

    thank you for this, it is hilarious and also hits the nail on the head. May I add one: Wind! I had terrible terrible wind. So sexy and so incredibly embarrassing. My work involves travelling between schools to work with disabled children. Often the parents collect me from the station and on so many occasions I have been walking to the car thinking ‘quick fart now fart now’ so that I can get in the car and make it to the school before I need to fart again!!!

  16. Bel says:

    What a terrific blog. Had frozen transfer yesterday and now have a 9 day wait….loved reading back over some of the things that I have gone through too so far. Nothing better than a good laugh to try and keep the whole process in perspective. Keep it up!

  17. IVF says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information and ideas with all of us. Keep sharing more information in the future. This really helps to us.

  18. Lawonn says:

    Thanks for the info I had a transfer on yesterday …gives me HOPE…Be blessed

  19. carrie says:

    start ivf this weekend so nervious

  20. Nadia says:

    Great read! It certainly made me giggle… :-). Trying to stay positive but finding it really hard.. This read helped! Starting with the nasal spray this coming Tuesday… Scared and excited at the same time… Good luck to everyone on the same journey!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the advive about the 2ww period. I had my 5 day blasto transfer 6 days ago, and I go for my beta on friday morning. I’m not feeling anything, and I took one of those digital hpt this morning, and it read Not Pregnant… so I am just beside myself today, and trying to find out if 6 days post a 5 day transfer is too early to test. If this doesn’t work, it will be our 3rd failed cycle, and I’m 34/no kids… been trying for 8 years. : ( Thank you again!

  22. This is really an useful post. Nice to read it. The information you have shared through this post are extremely valuable. Look forward for same kind of informative post from you in future. Keep sharing.

  23. Chrissy says:

    Thank you for this! It was really great to read and helpful. I am in between ER and ET, with 8 fert/growning. I really had to laugh at the Pu$$y Pills and Pads bc it is so true! Thanks!

  24. Liesl says:

    Thanks for this post. I will be starting my 1st IVF cycle this month and I’m really petrified, but this post was so refreshing and entertaining. I will definitely be checking in on this site again for some guidance, advice and a good laugh.
    Thanks again

  25. What a great blog, truly inspiring.
    It’s so great to see you’ve gone into detail, and aren’t afraid to be honest and open. The IVF process can be a highly emotional one, and does not always have a happy ending, so it’s refreshing to see someone speak so openly about it.
    This would be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to take the first step on the IVF journey, and because it’s your personal journey, this will really help those people associate, and could convince them to start the journey

    Inspiring words.

  26. demi says:

    Thank you for this personal and detailed article. Moms from around the world can share their own personal experiences and many more can find out more about ivf through real people.
    All the best for your family 🙂

  27. Fivet says:

    First hand experiences are the best one… I was rejected form IVF because of my overweight…
    Fight with my obesity was long and hard… You have to prepare your self for ivf in every physical aspect …

  28. Jacqui Low says:

    This really opened my eyes about what my mother had to go through when she had me!

  29. StephB1984 says:

    This completely made my day. I avoided blogs prior to my IVF cycle, I did not want to be jaded by others opinions, but having completed my first IVF cycle, I cannot believe how accurate all of your descriptions are. I truly wish I would have read this before starting my cycle; it would have set my mind at ease. All the best to you, and thank you… every potential IVF mommy should read this list!!

  30. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing.. I just found out that I only have 1 embryo and I was talking to myself for the last 2 weeks that I will have twins. I even gave them the names. First, I was very sad and disappointed and now I am hoping that Friday will be my lucky day. I wished I read your story prior to my IVF cycle. I was very nervous and each shot was very painful ( we used wrong needle for a stomach shot). It is a great advise from you to not convince yourself about being pregnant or in my case to have a few perfect embryos and than twins. Thank you, 🙂
    My big day is on Friday- so this time with your advise, I will try not to get crazy about pregnancy, as you said it is a heartbreaking when you don’t have a positive news.
    FOOD- My friend also was eating pineapple and cooked shrimps. She believed it helped her.
    2 WEEKS at Home- both my sister and friend took very easy and didn’t go to work. Now, when I am looking back at their IVF process, both of them were more relaxed and calm than I was/am. I was many times too nervous and cut doing very strange things. Sometimes, I though I am out of my mind. So please girls- try not be so stressed about this process. Try to RELAX, and definately some massage could be great.

  31. Becca says:

    Thank you – Starting my meds for my first IVF cycle on Thursday… this helped put things into perspective.

  32. Sarah says:

    It’s quite refreshing to read someone else’s experience and I can definitely relate to your post.
    My partner and I started our first IVF cycle in June this year and it has been a rollercoster for us, especially for me.
    The medication was the begining and nothing can prepare you for it.
    I started on microgynon from day 2 to day 23 of my cycle, this was suppose to prepare my body by calming it. On day 25 I had a bleed as expected but it was early. I started the suprefact (nasal spray) on day 23 and stayed on for 3 weeks. it was suppose to be 2 weeks but my lining was too thick so had an extra week on the suprefact. I started the gonal f 3 weeks after i started the nasal and my body responded quite quickly. After 8 days on gonal f I took trigger shot. 36 hours later I had egg collection, 17 eggs were collected, 12 fertalised and 5 made it to blasts.
    However 2 days after egg collection I started suffering from OHSS. I thought my period pains were bad but this is the most uncomfortable and unexplainable pain ever. Imagine having a big bag of air filled with rocks in your stomach (may not be imaginable), that’s what it felt like for me. I was so bloated I looked like I was about 6 months pregnant. I had to buy loose fitting clothes to wear for about a week and a half because everything was so uncomfortable. And of course you are not warned of what to expect or how to deal with it if it does happens.
    I didn’t have the embryo transfer due to this so I am now going through a FET cycle. It’s the same procedure with the microgynon and then the suprefact. I have today started to bleed and will have to start taking lining thickening drugs as well as the pu$$y pills so in about 3 week I should have my FET and hoping its successful.
    The only advise I have at the moment is take everyday as it comes, read and share information and also question you dr on the things you don’t understand so that your mind doesn’t go drifting into negative mode. My partner is very resourceful with reading and understanding the process which has helped but the emotional side is very challenging as you do feel like you are doing it all alone. I have made changes in my diet and do eat more fruit & veg but nothing too restrictive.
    I have found these blogs very helpful especially because we haven’t told anyone and didn’t want to deal with people asking questions as well as dealing with the process.

    The end goal is to bring a much wanted life into this world and I’m sure when that’s acheived, the arguments, mood swings, headaches and bad days will definitely be worth it.

    Stay positive 😊

  33. notpregnantandpissed says:

    Just found your blog from ICLW and I love this page! Thanks for all the details…I might be venturing into IVF territory very soon and I am pretty terrified. This has calmed me…at least a little!

  34. Anna says:

    A week ago.. My HCG level was low 10.2 and Monday dropped to 0. No baby this time 😦
    I got my period a couple days later and I had the worst pain ever
    It was very emotional and difficult time for me. Now reading some of your stories, I see that most women has 15 or more eggs and I had only 6 and 1 embryo. It was A grade, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time. I did a little more research and for my second round IVF, I am going for ACUPUNCTURE. I read that it helps up to 65% to help with the eggs, ovaries and embryo transfer as well as during the pregnancy.

    • Hi I know this is 7months later but just wanted to ask if they gave you the crinone progesterone gel it can help maintain a pregnancy I took mine up until week 17 because I felt it gave me a better chance as my progesterone levels were low when I started ivf I had only one grade A and one notso good emby. Im now 24 weeks still nervous but everyday I get closer to seeing him 🙂

  35. Aimee says:

    This post is great. It’s real and honest and colours a realistic view, thank you for taking the time to write it. It made me laugh as well!

  36. shalaidah says:

    This has been so very helpful, I too was wondering what the cd11 meltdown was and finding this blog has assured me. I have had two cycle attempts, the first cycle I was allergic to Busliem drug, followed by menopur which produced an nada, nothing, zero so was aborted. The send attempt was started 11 days ago with Letrozine and more follies grew but just not enough that again it was aborted due to my Estrogen levels being too low at the time of the first scan. I think they should measure me now because I am having a very ugly moment. Why don’t they ever warn you???. I’m on ICIS but thankyou for an enlightened and funny example that we are all going through.

    I start Cetrotide next time so shall take on board those hints lol

  37. Thanks my friends,I am very happy to here all your experience, my case was very sympathetic, after going through all the treatments till the day of embryo transfer on the day five after egg collection,immediately the charterer was introduced some thick milky discharge started coming out of my cervix and my dc decided to cancel the embryo transfer and immediately sent them for freezing and the mucous was sent to the lab for culture to verify for infection , in fact I almost went mad , I cried my life out,so please what do you suspect that must have been going wrong with me bcs results are not out yet and I am very nervous?

  38. Barza says:

    everything that said above is real picture but once you get done with this treatment,nothing seems better !!

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  40. I would specially emphasize part about making yourself conformable, happy and relaxed.
    When you once go into IVF procedure, you it’s up to medical team and your doctors do do the best.
    Only thing up to you is to feel good, relaxed if possible happy. Your body reacts to your current psychosocial state of mind and it should be one of your priorities to have a positive attitude. Because your state of mind will influence your fertility and conception rate!

    • MommyAtLast says:

      Studies have repeatedly shown that your positivity or otherwise does not effect the outcome of an IVF cycle. Try to feel positive because it feels better, not because it will change the outcome. Feel positive if you can.

      • Maybe I should have used better words. Let me say it like this, stress can lower your fertility rate, and stress can induce problems during your pregnancy.

        Numerous studies have shown this. For example University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, found that even stressful relationships can increase production of inflammatory proteins like prostaglandins and cytokines. These inflammatory markers cause inflammation in the body which not only leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, but infertility and pregnancy complications as well. Those who experienced positive encounters with friends, family, and spouses, demonstrated lower levels of these proteins. Interactions were tracked with journal entry recordings and cheek swabs to measure stress-linked protein levels.

        So positive attitude can help you to conceive and go through pregnancy much easier than in cases when you are stressed-out and engulfed in negative emotions and stress.

      • Alison says:

        This was the most important piece of information I received during my first IVF cycle at the end of last year – that stress and feeling negative does not affect outcome. Thank you for reiterating. I was told that stress affects fertility because when stressed, people have less sex! But when trying to conceive with IVF, there is no evidence, as you say. My second cycle started yesterday.

        All of the good, bad and ugly above was true for me! Thanks for writing.

  41. Tonya says:

    So I’m suppose to start IVF in Jan 2014, I definitely plan on trying the acupuncture, pineapple and nuts. Will keep ya posted.

  42. crystal says:

    My hcg level at 16 do started at 45 then 18dpo 150 then 20dpo 468 is this good? They seem to be tripling? Transfered 2 5 day blastocyst

  43. keeley says:

    This is too funny and is a great help thanks 😀

  44. Sneha says:

    It was really funny helped me relax a bit . I am on day 6 and have just 3 follies . praying to god that they all contains eggs…. Feeling very nervous right now

  45. Karen says:

    I am new to this whole IVF process. My husband and I just started the whole process last week. I have done all of my blood work and have my sonohysterogram on Monday. I am very nervous for this whole thing. Thanks for your post, it made me feel better.

  46. Nik says:

    Just been told this is the route I will have to take. I stumbled upon your blog at the perfect time. What a pick me up! Nice to have humour associated with what I’m sure is a trying time. Also encouraging to hear all the details, no matter how gorey!

  47. Wendy says:

    Thank you so much for your blog and everyone who contribute to the sharing process. I had my gorgeous 19month boy after 4 cycles of ivf (one miscarriage). Currently trying for a second baby, had a failed cycle and currently day 7 post transfer of another cycle. Coping with every failed cycle is hard, especially I’m keeping this whole ivf journey to myself (and my husband) so no friends/people at work to talk to. Definitely agree to ignore ALL the ‘early pregnancy’ symptoms if you can as it really just add to the false hope and devastation. Stay strong, everyone!

    • Moh Moh says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Hope everything turned out ok for your second time. I am the first timer for IVF and now currently on 2ww. Since you’ve had both successful and unsuccessful experiences with IVF can you share some of the differences between the successful one and not successful one. I mean if there is any difference at all. I cannot wait to know the result and it’s driving me crazy. I already did a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I’m on day 8 post transfer.

      • Wendy says:

        Hi Moh Moh, good luck with everything. The 2ww is the craziest period so find as much as you can to distract yourself. The cycle I wrote about in Feb didn’t work out and now onto another one and had a positive home pregnancy and blood test. However, given my history of miscarriage, I couldn’t let myself to be over excited until I have my ultrasound next week. It’s never easy! As far as the differences between successful and unsuccessful ones, there weren’t many. Over the pervious cycles, during the 2ww, I kind of let my imagination ran a bit wide and over think about the ‘symptoms’ e.g. tiredness, tender breasts, nausea etc, which, multiple times didn’t mean anything and only lead to disappointment. For those unsuccessful cycles, I also ‘feel’ my period was coming on a couple of days prior and together with negative pregnancy tests, they always eventuate to be unsuccessful ones. For the successful cycles, the home pregnancy test a couple of days before the period is due start to have faint lines, then get darker with time. At the end of the day, do not overthink any ‘symptoms’, try not to take pregnancy tests too early and distract yourself as much as you can. All the best!

  48. Melanie says:

    I loved reading this. We are on our second round of IVF, and so far everything looks wonderful.. I started my meds on 2/14 and am now on day 9, I am hopefully doing my trigger shot tomorrow.. My E2 level is at 747, I have 7 follicles which are as follows.. 17,15,14,13 on the left and 15,12,12 on the right..I have a lot of smaller follicles that are growing as well.. I have a total of 18, but they only count the ones that are a 12 or higher.. I am now going to my clinic everyday now for my blood work and ultrasounds. I’m on 375 of Gonal F, 2 Menopur, and 1 Ganirelix… I will be triggering with Ovidrel then I’ll be on Crinone suppositories for Progesterone after my transfer also Estrace for estrogen I believe… This cycle has flown by, possibly because I’m now a seasoned pro being this is my second round.. My first round was unsuccessful.. This round is going to work, we are transferring 2 possibly 3 embryos depending on egg quality… Wish us luck 🍀🍀🍀.. We are doing a 5 day transfer again, and this time we will be freezing some as well… I don’t think I’ll want to go through this a third time… Twice is enough in my book…. But we got this… This is my year to shine… Baby dust baby dust baby dust ❤️🍼❤️👶❤️👶❤️🍼❤️I’m hoping for twins.. 2 and done!!!

  49. rimah says:

    Hi this is my 8th cycle I have no children 3 normal misscarages 6 failed iui
    Yesterday my doctortold me that I got 4 follicill size 14 on day8 am on 4monegon 4 folltrein .05 deycaptel wish me luke

  50. This is such useful info, thanks sooo much! After a false start I will be embarking on ivf in August. Am currently prepping and trying to get into trim for my best chance. Congrats on your beautiful twins!

  51. Moh Moh says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the reply and congratulations. I wish you good luck for your next ultrasound and finger crossed for you. The reason I’m asking these questions is because I don’t have any kind of symptoms at all. Here I read a lot of women going through all kinds of symptoms and me nada none. Maybe a little bit of breast tenderness and that’s about it. So I’m kind of concerned. I took a home pregnancy test way too early and of course it was negative. My period will be due on 27th so maybe I’m safe to test it again tomorrow? But I promised myself not to get down if it’s negative coz all hope is not lost yet right? My blood test is on 30th so only 5 days to go. As for the miscarriage, I know the feeling too well as I had two mc before but these are from my natural cycle and not ivf. My heart goes out for you. Anyway, thanks for the tips and pls keep me posted of your update.

  52. Gearing up for IVF #2. Mom has stage 4 cancer and I really want to make her a grandma. Summary of my journey here:

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