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Thank You and Farewell

On Friday last week I drove home from work listening to Pink Floyd on full blast in my car.  More than two decades ago I wrote a story using ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as inspiration and hearing those lyrics … Continue reading

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Closing Chapters

I know you have read this before and are probably quite bored to tears by this discussion, but I just keep coming back to this thought.  I think this blog has run its course.  I think I am done writing.  … Continue reading

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Growing their Love of Music

I am so thrilled and excited that the kids have really entered that love of music stage.  Since the very first day they came home they have had music as a constant background to their lives.  At first it was … Continue reading

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On Friendship

What a great read Melissa put out there on this post on friendship.  As so often happens she speaks to what is going on in my head.  I said the other day that a couple of friends have been in … Continue reading

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Sad Tantrums

My little boy had a bad day the other day.  And it made me so sad.  I am not sure why this day was any different to others, but I just have a feeling my boy needs something and I’m … Continue reading

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Grounding Myself

This might be a bit of a rambling post, thoughts swirling in my head the last few days.  Might have something to do with being on cortisone which kills my sleep and leaves me lying awake thinking instead of sleeping … Continue reading

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A letter to my infertile self

I am working on a new / old project.  I am back on a project I worked on briefly just before I fell pregnant.  And I don’t think I have even set foot through this clients’ doors since falling pregnant.  As … Continue reading

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