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Thank You and Farewell

On Friday last week I drove home from work listening to Pink Floyd on full blast in my car.  More than two decades ago I wrote a story using ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as inspiration and hearing those lyrics … Continue reading

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Secondary Hypogonadism Success

I have to shout it from the rooftops because I am literally fighting back tears of joy and have repeating goose pimples from head to toe at the news I found in my Bloglovin feed this morning. My friend in … Continue reading

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The Twin Thing

I remember as a little girl being told that twins run in our family and being so excited at that.  My Grandmother on my Dad’s side had twins, but she lost them and she never talked about them at all. … Continue reading

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Looking back on the final days of infertility

Every now and then I find myself browsing back through my blog posts.  I find I keep returning to the posts during our successful cycle.  And those first posts following the best news of our lives.  I love reliving the anticipation … Continue reading

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The Pasta Shop

A block away from work there is a great little pasta shop.  They serve great pastas to take away and I can sometimes fool myself that the butternut ravioli they serve is almost a healthy lunch.  But this little shop … Continue reading

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Dear Pudding and Sausage, This is the story of where you were at a year ago. How can there not be a real word for this momentous event?  On Sunday it was one year ago that I had egg retrieval … Continue reading

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What Are We Having?

I figured it would be fun to see who wants to have a guess at what these twins are.  At the top of the list (which you would agree with if I had got myself together and posted my scan … Continue reading

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