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On Friendship

What a great read Melissa put out there on this post on friendship.  As so often happens she speaks to what is going on in my head.  I said the other day that a couple of friends have been in … Continue reading

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Grounding Myself

This might be a bit of a rambling post, thoughts swirling in my head the last few days.  Might have something to do with being on cortisone which kills my sleep and leaves me lying awake thinking instead of sleeping … Continue reading

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Best Friend’s Guide to Twin Pregnancy

Based on the high readership of my Best Friend’s Guide to IVF, I decided to have a go at extending the series to now include “Twin Pregnancy”. Let me begin by saying that in no way am I an expert … Continue reading

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Secondary Hypogonadism Success

I have to shout it from the rooftops because I am literally fighting back tears of joy and have repeating goose pimples from head to toe at the news I found in my Bloglovin feed this morning. My friend in … Continue reading

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Looking back on the final days of infertility

Every now and then I find myself browsing back through my blog posts.  I find I keep returning to the posts during our successful cycle.  And those first posts following the best news of our lives.  I love reliving the anticipation … Continue reading

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Remember the SNAIF

Do you remember the SNAIF (Sleepless Night Attributed to Infertility)?  I honestly thought that all my sleepless nights going forward would be about my babies.  I never thought infertility would give me another moments restlessness.  But it turns out that … Continue reading

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Can it really be a whole month since I blogged?  I have started so many days planning on writing a post, but somehow they never seem to happen.  Then you realise that you have so much to say and tell … Continue reading

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