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Natural Beauty

I am not even going to begin to scratch the surface of this post as I have had it swirling in my head in one form or another for months, maybe over a year, but I figure if I don’t … Continue reading

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Our Pride and Joy

Do words even exist that can express the total cacophony of feelings that overwhelm me when I think about our little Sausage and Pudding.  What an incredible journey parenting is, what an adventure, what a challenge, what a joy.  Every … Continue reading

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A Love Song for a Child

I read an article the other day (sorry never took note of the link, so can’t send you to it), which was going on about how awful it is that modern mothers are not singing the old favourite nursery rhymes … Continue reading

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Songs to Sing to Your Toddler

So every night we sit in our rocking chairs with the Hope Babes and sing songs and chat.  It is my favourite special time of the day.  The kids seem to love it to, especially Pudding who will actually shout … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Infertility

So a few weeks back I had a dream which was clearly my subconscious trying to process the fact that I will probably never be pregnant again.  I had a special response to that post from a friend and in … Continue reading

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Aunty Kaka

My sister came to visit this weekend.  I cannot express in words how much I miss her.  I cannot say how much I wish she were still in all our lives on a daily basis, but especially for the Hope … Continue reading

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A Year and a Half (the Sleep Edition)

How on earth did that happen, how is it that yesterday our precious little hope babes have been with us in person for 18 months!  I have been wanting to blog for ages and just seem to really struggle to … Continue reading

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