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Thank You and Farewell

On Friday last week I drove home from work listening to Pink Floyd on full blast in my car.  More than two decades ago I wrote a story using ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as inspiration and hearing those lyrics … Continue reading

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Natural Beauty

I am not even going to begin to scratch the surface of this post as I have had it swirling in my head in one form or another for months, maybe over a year, but I figure if I don’t … Continue reading

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Honey Bunny Long Bunny and Dummy Bunny

The kids were each given a bunny when they were tiny from my step-mom (who they now call Ganny).  She bought them each one for us to see whether they could bond to them and since then the collection has … Continue reading

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Growing their Love of Music

I am so thrilled and excited that the kids have really entered that love of music stage.  Since the very first day they came home they have had music as a constant background to their lives.  At first it was … Continue reading

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A letter to my infertile self

I am working on a new / old project.  I am back on a project I worked on briefly just before I fell pregnant.  And I don’t think I have even set foot through this clients’ doors since falling pregnant.  As … Continue reading

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Monkey Party

Having endured the blog posts about party prep baking, I thought you might enjoy some of the pics from the party itself. I had t-shirts made for them with little monkeys on. Pudding’s says “Funky Monkey” and Sausage’s says “Monkey … Continue reading

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Best Friend’s Guide to Twin Pregnancy

Based on the high readership of my Best Friend’s Guide to IVF, I decided to have a go at extending the series to now include “Twin Pregnancy”. Let me begin by saying that in no way am I an expert … Continue reading

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