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Thank You and Farewell

On Friday last week I drove home from work listening to Pink Floyd on full blast in my car.  More than two decades ago I wrote a story using ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as inspiration and hearing those lyrics … Continue reading

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A Perfect Pair

This morning was our 13 week foetal assessment scan and WOW what an experience! I can honestly say it is the most incredible thing ever. From our last scan just over two weeks ago the change in the kids is … Continue reading

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Babies in the Making

Well I’m hoping – against all hope! I have to admit to being exceptionally emotional about the whole thing. I guess this morning it really hit me (and I know I’ve said this before, but clearly it is something that … Continue reading

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Songs to Live Your Life By

When Hopelessly and I were arranging the details of our wedding, I (typical Type A Personality tha I am) had a very clear idea of what I thought would be our first dance. And in fact it never occurred to … Continue reading

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