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Thank You and Farewell

On Friday last week I drove home from work listening to Pink Floyd on full blast in my car.  More than two decades ago I wrote a story using ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as inspiration and hearing those lyrics … Continue reading

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A letter to my infertile self

I am working on a new / old project.  I am back on a project I worked on briefly just before I fell pregnant.  And I don’t think I have even set foot through this clients’ doors since falling pregnant.  As … Continue reading

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For a while there the yearning to have another pregnancy was so strong some days it felt like it might overwhelm me.  And then at a get together for the Fertilicare Infertility Forum (http://www.fertilicare.org/) I met the fabulous Tertian (http://www.tertia.org/) … Continue reading

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Acceptance brings Contentedness

Just looked back and realised it’s been three months since I blogged.  I really am an all or nothing kinda gal, either I blog every day or I simply don’t blog at all.  Things have been busy and fun and … Continue reading

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Secondary Hypogonadism Success

I have to shout it from the rooftops because I am literally fighting back tears of joy and have repeating goose pimples from head to toe at the news I found in my Bloglovin feed this morning. My friend in … Continue reading

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Imagine if the Royal Baby were an Infertility Miracle Baby

Imagine if Wills and Kate had needed donor sperm to conceive?  What would that mean for the line of succession? It should make no difference.  But maybe I come at this from the perspective of someone who had to consider … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Infertility

So a few weeks back I had a dream which was clearly my subconscious trying to process the fact that I will probably never be pregnant again.  I had a special response to that post from a friend and in … Continue reading

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